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İngilizce - Türkçe
{i} sihirbaz değneği
okuma kalemi
{i} asa

Cadı bir büyü yaptı ve asasından dışarı bir ışık demeti fırladı. - The witch cast a spell and a beam of light shot out of her wand.

{i} çubuk
{i} değnek

u sihirli bir değnek. Emin misin, Tom? Bu sadece normal bir değneğe benziyor. - This is a magic wand. Are you sure, Tom? It just looks like a regular stick.

Bu sihirli bir değnek. - This is a magic wand.

{i} orkestra şefinin çubuğu
(Reader) Okuma Kalemi
wand to
için değnek
wand reader
okuma kalemi
elder wand
yaşlı değnek
light reading wand
ışık okuyan kalem
magic wand
sihirli değnek

Tom sihirli değneğini bir sihirli değnek dükkanından aldı. - Tom bought his magic wand at a magic wand shop.

magnetic stripe wand
manyetik şerit okuma kalemi
tracer wand trainer
(Askeri) İZ GÖZETLEMESİ EĞİTİM ALETİ: Nişancılara, izli mermilerin gözetlenmesine dayanan atış idaresi eğitimi yaptırılmasında kullanılan basit alet. İnce uzun bir sopanın ucundaki küçük kırmızı bir elektrik feneri izli mermiyi temsil eder
İngilizce - İngilizce
An instrument shaped like a stick or staff such as a curling wand
A stick or staff
A branch or stalk, especially of willow
A suit of the minor arcana in tarot, or a card of that suit
a magic wand
{n} a long slender staff or rod, a small stick
A wand is the same as a magic wand. You can't simply wave a wand and get rid of nuclear weapons
A long thin piece of wood used for invocation in magic Traditionally made of Oak
A pen-like scanning device used as a contact bar code reader
(Ticaret) A handheld movable device passed over an item to read its bar code
A handheld movable device passed over an item to read its bar code warehouse management system (WMS)- An integrated set of system functions designed to manage the locating, putaway, movement, picking and cycle count/inventory verification activities of a warehouse or distribution center It normally receives purchase, sales and interplant order data from a base ERP system that serve as the authorization to initiate activities Warehouse locations are described in terms of their weight and volume capacities to enable proper direction when moving or stocking material Inventory and order status data, collected in real time often through the use of data collection devices, is normally uploaded to the base ERP system on a batch basis
n Tool of the South Usually handcrafted by its owner, consisting of a rod or stick from a few inches long to an arm's length, which may have been carved and/or embellished with crystals, feathers, or other objects of significance to its owner Used to direct energy
A stick or staff, used to perform a useful function
A pen-shaped bar code scanner that emits a beam from the end or tip of the wand Wands are older, bar code reading technology but inexpensive and still widely used where speed and performance are not crucial
(see "Wand Scanner")
DCE enabled Web server
a ceremonial or emblematic staff
a baton used by a magician or water diviner
Rarely the thin pointy thing popularised by Disney, a wand will vary in it's substance depending on the person in question The length of the wand should match the distance between your elbow and wrist, and is usually made of either wood or copper (although the copper ones are often leather bound for obvious reasons!) Some tip their wands with crystals, others with acorns, others leave them plain The wand is used most commonly as a tool for directing energy
A tool in magick which resembles a rod and is used to direct energy towards a goal
A staff of authority
A magical implement, used in ritual, attributed to the element of Fire
A rod or staff that is prepared so that it may be used for magickal or psychic purposes, usually to project some form of power
A small stick; a rod; a verge
An input device with three degrees of freedom
A rod used by conjurers, diviners, magicians, etc
A rod that controls the tilt or other movement of a blind, normally associated with light control
a stiff 4' dressage whip with a short 3" stiff lash on the end The wand is used to settle, cue, and bring awareness to the horse's body, and can become a focus for a nervous or flighty horse as you work through the ground obstacles It is used as an extension of the handlers body, and as a means of reward for the horse (stroking the body or legs)
A hand-held optical character recognition device used for data entry by many transaction terminals
- A pen-shaped bar code scanner that emits a beam from the end or tip of the wand Wands are older, bar code reading technology but inexpensive and still widely used where speed and performance are not crucial
{i} scepter; slender young branch; staff used by a magician; conductor's baton; long pipe on a vacuum between the hose and the attachment
bubble wand
A wand (stick) with a loop at one end for dipping into soap solution so bubbles may be formed by subsequently passing air through the loop
magic wand
A stick or staff used to perform magic
Attributive form of magic wand, noun

The boo-boo was cured with the magic-wand effect.

search wand
A hand-held security device for detecting metal objects, or transmitters, etc. carried by a person
violet wand
A device used for the application of low-current, high-voltage electricity to the body using an Oudin coil, originally claimed to have medical benefits and more recently used in sadomasochistic sex play

I've been told repeatedly that electricity above the waist is dangerous, but I've seen guys using violet wands on other guys' chests.

Elder Wand
(Edebiyat) The Elder Wand, variably known as the Deathstick, the Wand of Destiny, the Eldruhn Wand, and the Elhorn Wand, is one of the Deathly Hallows. According to legend, whoever united it with the Resurrection Stone and the Cloak of Invisibility would be the Master of Death. It was said to be the most powerful wand that had ever existed and was able to perform feats of magic that would normally be considered impossible. For example, it was able to fully mend another wand that was thought to be damaged beyond repair
A wand
magic wand
magician's baton, baton used in witchcraft, magic staff
magic wand
You use magic wand, especially in the expression there is no magic wand, to indicate that someone is dealing with a difficult problem which cannot be solved quickly and easily. There is no magic wand to secure a just peace
magic wand
A magic wand or a wand is a long thin rod that magicians and fairies wave when they are performing tricks and magic. = wand
magician's wand
slender stick used by magicians
plural of wand
Türkçe - İngilizce

    Türkçe nasıl söylenir


    Eş anlamlılar

    baton, caduceus, scepter, sprig, staff, stick, twig


    /ˈwänd/ /ˈwɑːnd/


    [ 'wänd ] (noun.) 15th century. From Old Norse vöndr (“switch, twig”) in Onlyne Etymology Dictionary. Compare Gothic


    ... VINT CERF: I wish that I had Harry Potter's magic wand to ...
    ... and could wave a magic wand so that the cost of rearranging ...

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