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İngilizce - Türkçe
{i} gözleme

Gözleme çok lezzetli. - The waffle is very tasty.

Dün sabah bir gözleme yedim! - Yesterday morning I ate a waffle!

gofre bir çeşit gözleme
bir tür gözleme
saçma sapan konuşmak
{i} boş lâf
{i} saçma
(on) abuk sabuk/saçma sapan konuşmak
waffle iron ızgara şeklinde gözleme kalıb
f., İng., k.dili
kalıpla yapılan bir çeşit gözleme
{f} saçmalamak
kem küm ederek görüşünü açıkça belirtmekten kaçınmak; kem küm ederek belirli bir
{i} gofre (bir çeşit gözleme)
(Bilgisayar) gofret
waffle iron
pide ızgarası
waffle on
waffle üzerinde
waffle iron
gözleme ızgarası
waffle iron
gofre ızgarası
waffle slab
(İnşaat) kaset döşeme
waffle slab floor
(İnşaat) kaset döşeme
waffle's revenge
(Bilgisayar) o'nun intikamı
İngilizce - İngilizce
A flat pastry pressed with a grid pattern

The brunch was waffles with strawberries and whipped cream.

To smash

Bednarik, however, says the play became legendary only because of the circumstances. I did it to the top honcho. He just happened to be there and the pass was thrown to him. I waffled him cleanly. He just cold-cocked Frank, said linebacker Bob Pellegrini, whose injury sent Bednarik into the game to play defense.

To speak or write at length without any clear point or aim

The whole thing ended suddenly when the hotel manager arrived. He waffled on for a bit; this settled everyone down.

A Potato waffle, a savory flat potato cake with the same kind of grid pattern
Speech or writing that is vague, pretentious or evasive

This interesting point seems to get lost a little within a lot of self-important waffle.

To speak or write vaguely and evasively

Again the answer was waffled, for this did not say that no air units had been alerted. Only that none had been identified. Moreover, the reply concerned air unit as opposed to air craft.

To vacillate

He waffles between loving the movie and hating it, depending on who's asking.

To rotate (one's hand) back and forth in a gesture of vacillation or ambivalence

You get anything useful on the background checks?” ¶ He waffled his hand. “Nothing like what you brought back, but still some interesting notes. ”.

To move in a side-to-side motion and descend (lose altitude) before landing. Cf wiffle, whiffle

The geese waffled as they approached the water.

Pancake batter cooked in a special hinged cooking utensil called a "waffle iron" which cooks both sides at once and gives waffles their honeycombed syrup-catching surface Belgian waffles are often heaped with fruits and whipped cream
pancake batter baked in a waffle iron
{i} batter cake prepared in a waffle iron; wafer; vague or nonsensical words
Stitch used in KNIT goods to produce a series of square waffle-like designs
A thin cake baked and then rolled; a wafer
A waffle is a kind of square cake made of batter with squares marked on it. Waffles are usually eaten with syrup poured over them
A soft indented cake cooked in a waffle iron
{f} use vague or nonsensical words (in speech or writing)
If someone waffles on an issue or question, they cannot decide what to do or what their opinion is about it. He's waffled on abortion and gay rights He kept waffling and finding excuses not to close the deal. = waver
a figured structure based on the piqué weave, which is often associated with the appearance of a honeycomb
(WAHF-fuhl) - A crisp, pancake-like batter product that is cooked in a specialized iron that gives the finished product a textured pattern, usually a grid Also a special vegetable cut which produces a grid or basket weave pattern
An edible baked item whose shape led to the outsole of many inedible Nike sneakers Nike co-founder Bill Bowerman invented the design
disapproval If you say that someone waffles, you are critical of them because they talk or write a lot without actually making any clear or important points. My wife often tells me I waffle There was some bloke on the phone waffling about an airline ticket. Waffle on means the same as waffle. Whenever I open my mouth I don't half waffle on Waffle is also a noun. He writes smug, sanctimonious waffle
pause or hold back in uncertainty or unwillingness; "Authorities hesitate to quote exact figures"
To speak or write waffle; to equivocate
waffle iron
A cooking appliance, with hinged, indented metal plates, used to make waffles
waffle irons
plural form of waffle iron
waffle iron
cooking appliance used for baking waffles
waffle iron
An appliance having hinged indented plates that impress a grid pattern into waffle batter as it bakes
Simple past tense and past participle of waffle
Having a waffle-like pattern of intersecting creases

The primary barrier between the cargo and the first layer of insulation, and the secondary barrier between the two layers of insulation, were waffled or corrugated stainless steel plates free to contract or expand independently.

Agent noun of waffle; one who waffles, or changes sides or positions frequently, a tergiversator
Present participle of waffle. (To ramble on without a point; to argue a point without substantial evidence or a clear opinion.)

Brad and Nicole were waffling in humanities class because they didn't know the answer..

A repetitive response to a question
Characterized by the presence of waffle (vague speech)
Belgian waffle
waffle eaten with whip cream and fruit
belgian waffle
thick sweet waffle often eaten with ice cream or fruit sauce
chocolate-coated waffle
wafer cookie which is covered with chocolate
past of waffle
{i} person who talks or writes in an evasive manner
someone who speaks or writes in a vague and evasive manner
One who waffles, or changes sides or positions frequently, a tergiversator
plural of waffle
{i} act of speaking or writing in an evasive manner
Present participle of to waffle.; to ramble on without a point; to argue a point without substantial evidence or a clear opinion
{s} in an evasive manner; with vague or nonsensical words (in speech or writing)



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    /ˈwäfəl/ /ˈwɑːfəl/


    [ 'wä-f&l, 'wo- ] (noun.) 1744. The Dutch word wafel was adopted into English in the 1700s. The Dutch word, in turn, derives from the Middle Low German wāfel (modern German Waffel), which was borrowed into Middle English around 1377 as wafer, and which is also the source of the French gaufre. Wāfel, in turn, derives from the Old High German waba, wabo (modern German Wabe), meaning honeycomb and ultimately related to the word weave. The verb sense "to smash" derives from the manner in which waffle-batter is smashed into its shape between the two halves of a waffle iron, and the sense "to press a waffle pattern into" derives from the pattern the waffle-iron-halves impart.

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