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(Bilgisayar) visual basic
visual basic module
(Bilgisayar) visual basic modülü
microsoft visual basic
microsoft visual basic
İngilizce - İngilizce
A programming language developed by Microsoft, broadly descended from BASIC and Pascal and later superseded by VB.NET, in which all programs have a graphical user interface
Visual Basic is much like QBasic, only for windows Visual Basic is kind of Object oriented, the programs use a "window" format
Microsoft's interpreted programming language, often used to create active content in web pages
A graphical programming language and development environment created by Microsoft in 1990
A programming language created by Microsoft as a version of BASIC
A programming language and environment that allows rapid creation of user interfaces by dragging and dropping elements such as buttons and controls
A popular event-driven visual programming system from Microsoft Corporation VB can be used to develop Windows interfaces It is widely used for application program development and for prototyping def goes here
1/98Advanced dialect of Basic for app development on PCs
A high-level, programming language Visual Basic was developed by Microsoft for building stand alone Windows based applications
A programming environment based on BASIC that allows you to create Win32 applications
a programming language
A widely used programming language created by Microsoft
A programming language developed by Microsoft
A Windows programming language often used to develop applications which run on PCs and LANs / WANs because it offers a good balance of ease of use, wide range of features and extendability
Visual Basic was the development system which first started the excitement over Rapid Application Development Created by Microsoft, it probably has the largest user base because of its immense popularity and the easy-to-learn nature of the language (And yes people, I started Windows programming this way!)
A visual programming environment from Microsoft, used for developing Windows applications Visual BASIC makes it possible to develop practical programs very quickly The programmer designs windows graphically, then drags program elements, represented by icons, from the Visual BASIC Toolbox, and writes BASIC code for each element Visual BASIC is event-driven; procedures are called automatically when the end user chooses menu items, clicks the mouse, moves objects on the screen, etc
An object oriented programming language developed by Microsoft based upon the BASIC language (BASIC – Beginners’ All-purpose Symbolic Instruction Code)
A computer application for designing buttons, dialog boxes, program windows, macros, and other elements of a graphical program in Microsoft Windows
A high-level, visual-programming version of Basic Visual Basic was developed by Microsoft for building Windows-based applications
A Microsoft® programming language descended from earlier versions of BASIC Visual BASIC® is a Windows-specific version of BASIC with many added "bells and whistles" to allow developers to create GUI Windows™ applications BASIC and Visual BASIC are good languages for novices and occasional developers to learn as it is relatively straightforward to learn and has numerous built-in tools to assist in debugging applications Visual BASIC can be used to develop CGI applications for Web servers although Perl, C/C++, Python, and other such non-GUI programming languages are frequently better suited for developing CGI and Web server applications
Visual Basic Scripting Edition
programming language developed by Microsoft that is based on Visual Basic and supported by the Internet Explorer browser enables features similar to Java, such as interactive buttons, scrolls, etc
Türkçe - İngilizce
(Bilgisayar) visual basic
visual basic modülü
(Bilgisayar) visual basic module
microsoft visual basic
microsoft visual basic
visual basic


    vi·su·al Bas·ic

    Türkçe nasıl söylenir

    vîjıwıl beysîk


    /ˈvəᴢʜəwəl ˈbāsək/ /ˈvɪʒəwəl ˈbeɪsɪk/


    [ 'vi-zh&-w&l, -zh&l ] (adjective.) 1603. Middle English, from Late Latin visualis, from Latin visus sight, from vidEre to see.

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