upper control limit

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upper limit
(Matematik) üst limit
upper limit
üst sınır
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(Ticaret) (UCL) The measurement point above the centerline in a process control chart or report that indicates an out-of-bounds condition or a warning signal
upper limit
The upper limit of a sequence of real numbers is the real number which can be found as follows: remove the first term of the sequence in order to obtain the "first subsequence." Then remove the first term of the first subsequence in order to obtain the "second subsequence." Repeat the removal of first terms in order to obtain a "third subsequence," "fourth subsequence," etc. Find the supremum of each of these subsequences, then find the infimum of all of these supremums. This infimum is the upper limit
upper limit
maximum, highest level allowed
upper limit
the largest possible quantity
upper limit
the limit on the upper (or northernmost) side of something
upper control limit


    up·per con·trol lim·it

    Türkçe nasıl söylenir

    ʌpır kıntrōl lîmıt


    /ˈəpər kənˈtrōl ˈləmət/ /ˈʌpɜr kənˈtroʊl ˈlɪmət/

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