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İngilizce - Türkçe
deniz  salyangozu
(Mitoloji) Poseidon ile Amphhitrite'ninoğlu. Belden yukarısı insan belden aşağısı balık şeklinde ayakları at ayağına benzeyen bir deniz tanrısı
{i} bir tür deniz salyangozu
{i} yarı insan yarı balık olan deniz tanrısı
{i} triton
deniz salyangozu
boru şeklinde bir çeşit deniz salyangozu veya bunun kabuğu
(Nükleer Bilimler) (t) triton (t)
yarısı adam yarısı balık olan deniz mabudu
{i} helezoni deniz kabuğu
(Hayvan Bilim, Zooloji) semender
triton among the minnows
minnows arasında triton
triton of the minnows
minnows ve triton
triton block
(Askeri) TROTIL TAHRİP KALIBI: Tahrip maksadıyla kullanılan ve sıkıştırılmış trinitrotoluenden ibaret olan imla kalıbı
Türkçe - Türkçe
Trityumun, bir protondan ve iki nötrondan oluşan atom çekirdeği
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İngilizce - İngilizce
The seventh moon of Neptune
A god of the sea, son of Poseidon
any of several marine gastropods of the family Cymatiidae having a pointed spiral shell
the atomic nucleus of a tritium atom, consisting of a proton and two neutrons
{n} a sea god, a trumpeter to Neptune, a beautiful song bird of the W. Indies
In Greek mythology, a merman and a demigod of the sea. He was the son of Poseidon and Amphitrite. According to Hesiod, Triton lived in a golden palace in the depths of the sea. He was represented as human down to the waist, which tapered into a fish tail, and he had a spiral conch shell that he blew to calm or raise the waves. Some traditions held that there were many Tritons. Largest of Neptune's known moons. Its diameter is about 1,680 mi (2,700 km), somewhat less than that of Earth's Moon. Triton moves in a retrograde orbit, opposite the direction of Neptune's rotation, with a period of 5.9 Earth days, while keeping the same face toward Neptune. It has a very thin atmosphere of nitrogen and methane and a surface temperature of -400 °F (-240 °C). Its surface is covered with enormous expanses of ice sculpted with fissures, puckers, and ridge-crossed depressions and pitted by what appear to be a few meteorite craters. Plumes of gas observed by the Voyager 2 spacecraft may be gas venting through fissures when the surface is warmed by sunlight
{i} (Mythology) son and servant of Greek sea god Poseidon; one of the moons of the planet Neptune; (Computers) fast chip-set for Pentium processors
tropical marine gastropods having beautifully colored spiral shells
{i} nucleus of tritium, isotope of hydrogen that contains one proton and two neutrons
(tri'-ton) A variety of sea shell
alpestris, a red-bellied species common in Switzerland
(Greek mythology) a sea god; son of Poseidon
The most common species of the United States is Diemyctylus viridescens
Any one of numerous species of aquatic salamanders
Called also trumpet shell, and sea trumpet
A satellite of Neptune orbiting at a mean distance of 354,000 kilometers
small usually bright-colored semiaquatic salamanders of North America and Europe and northern Asia
He is represented by poets and painters as having the upper part of his body like that of a man, and the lower part like that of a fish
tropical marine gastropods having beautifully colored spiral shells (Greek mythology) a sea god; son of Poseidon
A fabled sea demigod, the son of Neptune and Amphitrite, and the trumpeter of Neptune
He often has a trumpet made of a shell
TRIangle Trans-Ocean buoy Network, maintained by JAMSTEC in collaboration with TAO
under Salamander
The common European species are Hemisalamandra cristata, Molge palmata, and M
Any one of many species of marine gastropods belonging to Triton and allied genera, having a stout spiral shell, often handsomely colored and ornamented with prominent varices
Some of the species are among the largest of all gastropods
Son of Neptune, represented as a fish with a human head It is this sea-god that makes the roaring of the ocean by blowing through his shell “Hear old Triton blow his wreathëd horn [hear the sea roar]" Wordsworth A Triton among the minnows The sun among inferior lights Luna inter minores ignes
Triton among the minnows
someone or something that is considered greater than or in comparison with those surrounding it
Triton of the minnows
someone or something that is considered greater than or in comparison with those surrounding it
Türkçe - İngilizce
mus. tritone



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    /ˈtrītən/ /ˈtraɪtən/


    [ 'trI-t&n ] (noun.) From Ancient Greek Τρίτων.

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