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İngilizce - İngilizce
Transaction Processing System
Teachers' Pension Scheme
Metric used in evaluating OLTP system performance Typically measured under conditions of a specified response time
Tactical Personnel System
Throttle Position Sensor Measures the angle of the throttle plate and sends the information to the ECU
The Telephone Preference Service As with MPS a member of the public can register with the TPS as a person who does not wish to receive Sales or Marketing telephone calls at home
Transactions per second A unit of measure
third person singular
Throttle Position Sensor - relays throttle opening/closing to ECU
Transactions Per Second (TPS) - a metric used to measure database performance
Throttle Position Sensor
Telephone Preference Service - consumer protection telephone contact opt-out service Template for future email opt-out services NB UK only
Transformational Processing System A framework of tools that a facilitator can use to help people with
Test Program Set