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İngilizce - Türkçe
tissue plasminogen activator
doku plazminojen aktivatörü
İngilizce - İngilizce
tissue plasminogen activator
Tri-Polymer Alloy
Third-party administrator A firm that performs administrative functions (e g , claims processing, membership, and the like) for a self-funded plan or a start-up managed care plan (see also ASO)
Trading Partner Agreement
Contractual arrangement between the parties involved in electronic trading covering the EDI specific parts of the exchange of trading information Also called Interchange Agreement
Third Party Administrators also, Trading Partner Agreement
An acronym for Trading Partner Agreement A Trading Partner Agreement is an agreement between your company and American Management Systems for electronic catalogs loaded on the eVA emall Among other things it states the catalog support responsibilities of AMS to the supplier, which includes catalogs being loaded accurately and in a timely manner Note - Trading Partner Agreement is only required if you have an electronic catalog
Third Party Administrator (also known as Plan Supervisor) A non-risk-bearing company that provides claims and administrative services for a self-funded client
(Tissue Plasminogen Activator)
Tenant Protection Act   Replaces several pieces of residential tenancy legislation including the Landlord and Tenant Act (LTA) and several others   Governs relationship between landlords and tenants   Ontario social housing is exempt from some of its provisions (including rental increase guidelines)
Transient Program Area Area in memory where user programs run and store data This area is a region of memory beginning at 0100H and extending to the base of the CP/M system in high memory The first module of the CP/M system is the CCP, which can be overwritten by a user program If so, the TPA is extended to the base of the CP/M BDOS module If the CCP is overwritten, the user program must terminate with either a system reset (Function 0) call or a jump to location zero in page zero The address of the base of the CP/M BDOS is stored in location 0006H in page zero least significant byte first
Third party access to the network It indicates the possibility for Clients to select their supplier of electricity independently from the local distributor
Trade Promotion Authority TPA is the trade negotiating authority the Congress has granted to each of the previous five presidents It has been an integral part of U S trade policy since it was first granted in 1974
Altitude that must be flown when approaching or flying around an airport
Third Party Administrator A non-risk-bearing company that provides claims and administration services for a self-funded client
Third Party Administrator
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