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ABD'de verilen tiyatro ödülleri
İngilizce - İngilizce
A short form of Anthony, also used as a formal male given name
Any of the statuettes awarded by the American Theatre Wing
Stylish, high-toned, upscale

They found a tony location for the new store.

(adjective) Fashionable among wealthy or stylish people
(noun) (plural Tonys) (in the US) any of a number of awards given annually for outstanding achievement in the theatre in various categories. From the nickname of the American actress and director Antoinette Perry
short for Anthony
{i} yearly prize awarded in the field of stage and theater
{s} fashionable, stylish
If you describe something as tony, you mean it is stylish and sophisticated. a tony dance club in Manhattan. = classy. fashionable and expensive (tone). Bennett Tony Blair Tony Curtis Tony Garnier Tony Kushner Tony Pastor Tony Richardson Tony Tony Awards
A simpleton
Tony cronies
plural form of Tony crony
Tony crony
An ingratiating political associate of the former British prime minister Tony Blair

She said the Tony crony thing was a real problem.

Tony the Tiger
A cartoon character used by Kellogg Company to promote its Frosted Flakes cereal

If they were good enough for Tony the Tiger, they were good enough for me.

Tony Award
Tony a prize given to the best theatre actor, best actress, best play etc, shown in New York in a particular year
Tony Awards
Annual awards for distinguished achievement in the U.S. theatre. Named for the actress-producer Antoinette (Tony) Perry (1888-1946), the annual awards were established in 1947 by the American Theatre Wing and are intended to recognize excellence in plays and musicals staged on Broadway. Awards are given for best play, best musical, best play revival, and best musical revival, and in categories such as acting, directing, music, choreography, set design, and costume design
Tony Bennett
(1925-), a US singer who made several best-selling records in the 1950s and 1960s including I Left My Heart in San Francisco. orig. Anthony (Dominick) Benedetto born Aug. 3, 1926, Astoria, Queens, N.Y., U.S. U.S. popular singer. His first job was as a singing waiter, and he later sang under the name Joe Bari. In 1949 Pearl Bailey asked him to join her nightclub revue, and in 1950 Bob Hope suggested his new name. He had many hits in the 1950s, but "I Left My Heart in San Francisco" (1962) became his signature song. His style grew increasingly jazz-oriented over the years, and in the mid-1990s a special appearance on MTV heralded his comeback
Tony Blair
a British politician who became leader of the Labour Party in 1994, and Prime Minister in 1997. He won a large victory again in the election in 2001, becoming the first Labour Prime Minister to win two full terms in power, one after the other (1953-). orig. Anthony Charles Lynton born May 6, 1953, Edinburgh, Scot. British politician who in 1997 became the country's youngest prime minister since 1812. Blair was a lawyer before winning election to the House of Commons in 1983. Entering the shadow cabinet of the Labour Party in 1988 at age 35, Blair urged the party to move to the political centre and deemphasize its traditional advocacy of state control and public ownership of certain sectors of the economy. He assumed leadership of Labour in 1994 and revamped its platform. He led the party to landslide victories in the 1997 and 2001 elections. His government brokered a peace agreement between unionists and republicans in Northern Ireland, introduced devolved assemblies in Wales and Scotland, and carried out reforms of Parliament. After the September 11 attacks on the U.S. in 2001, Blair allied the United Kingdom with the U.S. and its president, George W. Bush, in a global war against terrorism. In late 2002 Blair and Bush accused the Iraqi government of Saddm Hussein of continuing to possess and develop biological, chemical, and nuclear weapons in violation of UN mandates. They subsequently tried without success to persuade France, Russia, and other UN Security Council members that such weapons would not be uncovered by UN weapons inspections, which were then under way. Despite deep divisions within his own party and strong public opposition to a war with Iraq, Blair, with Bush, led an attack on Iraq that toppled ussein's regime in March-April 2003
Tony Blair
{i} (born 1953 as Anthony Charles Lynton Blair) British politician and Labor party leader who served as Prime Minister of Britain from 1997 to June 2007
Tony Curtis
{i} (born 1925 as Bernard Schwartz) American stage and film actor, star of "Some Like It Hot" and "Spartacus", father of Jamie Lee Curtis
Tony Curtis
a US actor who first became popular in the 1950s after appearing in adventure films. Later he took more serious parts in films such as Sweet Smell of Success (1957), and The Boston Strangler (1968). One of his most famous films was Some Like It Hot with Marilyn Monroe in 1959 (1925-). orig. Bernard Schwartz born June 3, 1925, New York, N.Y., U.S. U.S. film actor. He appeared on Broadway before going to Hollywood in 1949. He acted in adventure films, becoming known for his pretty face and his Bronx accent, then earned acclaim for his roles in Sweet Smell of Success (1957) and The Defiant Ones (1958). His success in Billy Wilder's Some Like It Hot (1959) was followed by roles in other light comedies in the 1960s. He continued to perform onstage and in films into the 21st century
Tony Garnier
born Aug. 13, 1869, Lyon, Fr. died Jan. 19, 1948, Roquefort-la Bédoule French architect. The son of Charles Garnier (see Paris Opéra), he held the position of architect of Lyon from 1905 to 1919. He is known chiefly for his Cité Industrielle, a farsighted plan for an industrial city. Most striking is his depiction of simplified reinforced-concrete forms inspired by the pioneering work of Auguste Perret. The most important work in Lyon to emerge from his Cité Industrielle plan was the large stockyard complex of 1908-24
Tony Kushner
born July 16, 1956, New York, N.Y., U.S. U.S. dramatist. He grew up in Lake Charles, La., and attended Columbia University and New York University. His early plays include Yes, Yes, No, No (1985). His major work, Angels in America, consists of two lengthy plays that deal with political issues and the AIDS epidemic of the 1980s. The first part, Millennium Approaches (1991), won a Pulitzer Prize and a Tony Award for best play; the second, Perestroika (1992), also won a Tony Award for best play. Later works include Slavs (1995), Henry Box Brown (1997), and the controversial Homebody/Kabul (2001), which addresses the relationship between Afghanistan and the West
Tony Pastor
orig. Antonio Pastor born May 28, 1837, New York, N.Y., U.S. died Aug. 26, 1908, Elmhurst, N.Y. U.S. impresario and comic singer. He appeared at P.T. Barnum's American Museum as a child prodigy and first performed in a variety show in 1861. After managing a series of New York City theatres, he opened the Fourteenth Street Theatre in 1881. Though variety shows of the time featured coarse humour and were considered unsuitable for ladies, he advertised his theatre as "the first specialty and vaudeville theatre of America, catering to polite tastes." His unexpected success spurred other theatre managers to follow suit and led to the creation of vaudeville. See also music hall and variety theatre
Tony Richardson
orig. Cecil Antonio Richardson born June 5, 1928, Shipley, Yorkshire, Eng. died Nov. 14, 1991, Los Angeles, Calif., U.S. British director. With the English Stage Co. he won acclaim with John Osborne's Look Back in Anger (1956), and he led the company in reinterpreting classic plays and in productions of Eugène Ionesco and Samuel Beckett. His experimental productions stimulated a renewal of creative vitality on the British stage during the 1950s. He directed The Entertainer (1958) and A Taste of Honey (1960) on Broadway. He and Osborne formed a film company (1958), which produced screen versions of Osborne's plays as well as The Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner (1962) and Tom Jones (1963, Academy Award). His later films include The Charge of the Light Brigade (1968), Ned Kelly (1970), and Blue Sky (1993). He was married to Vanessa Redgrave; their daughters, Miranda and Joely Richardson, are both film actresses
A homosexual male who approaches male strangers (who are usually straight) and asks them for sex, and aggressively persists them
A diminutive of the female given name Antonia, sometimes used as a formal given name

I'm not Toni any more. I'm Antonia. Sophy burst out laughing. And I'm Sophia..

fix it again Tony
a derogatory slang name for Fiat, the Italian auto maker, due to its commonly perceived frequent breakdowns when used in North America
diminutive of Antonia
{i} first name (short form of Anthony)