to socialise

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İngilizce - İngilizce
keep company

If you care about your reputation you ought to be careful who you keep company with.

To take into collective or governmental ownership
To interact with others
To instruct, usually subconsciously, in the etiquette of a society
make conform to socialist ideas and philosophies; "Health care should be socialized!"
train for a social environment; "The children must be properly socialized"
{f} learn to relate to and interact with others; be sociable, interact with others; establish according to the principles of socialism; make socialist (institutes, governments, institutions etc.); prepare for social life (also socialize)
take part in social activities; interact with others; "He never socializes with his colleagues"; "The old man hates to socialize"
prepare for social life; "Children have to be socialized in school"
to socialise