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İngilizce - Türkçe
tnt patlayıcı
(Askeri) TNT, TROTİL: Bak "trinitrotoluene"
(Askeri) kuvvetli bir patlayıcı
tnt equivalent
(Askeri) TNT EŞİDİ, MUADİLİ: Bir nükleer silahın patlaması veya parçalanmaya yada fizyonlaşmaya elverişli bir maddenin infilakından oluşan ve infilakı halinde aynı miktarda enerji meydana getirecek TNT miktarı olarak kabul edilen enerji hesabı
explosive substance
patlayıcı madde
İngilizce - İngilizce
Trinitrotoluene, an explosive substance used in blasting
Dynamite, an explosive
TNT is a powerful explosive substance. TNT is an abbreviation for `trinitrotoluene'. a powerful explosive = dynamite (trinitrotoluene). in full trinitrotoluene Pale yellow, solid organic compound made by adding nitrate (NO2) groups to toluene. Because TNT melts below the boiling point of water but explodes only above 464 °F (240 °C), it can safely be melted and poured into casings. It is relatively insensitive to shock and, for practical purposes, cannot be exploded without a detonator, making it the preferred chemical explosive, used in munitions and for demolition
{i} explosive substance
a commercial encrypted session product for Windows NT from Global Internet
Telecom New Technology The telephony server component in the uOne architectural framework An implementation of an ECTF S 100 Telecom Server Also known under product names uTel, CMA
(The NeWSTM Toolkit) (n ) See NeWSTM system
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2,4,6-Trinitrotoluene Toxicology: The study of the nature, effects, and detection of contaminants and the treatment thereof TPH: Total petroleum hydrocarbons TRV: Toxicity reference value
twist n' turn Refers to Barbie's waist Patented in 1966 Barbie dolls made last week & sitting on the toy store shelves right at this very minute can be marked 1966 due to this patent
explosive consisting of a yellow crystalline compound that is a flammable toxic derivative of toluene
Twist 'N Turnâ„¢ - refers to the new body and face style introduced in 1967 Mattel decided to introduce a "mod" look with the TNT Barbie Doll She has a younger looking face, rooted eyelashes, long straight hair, and a torso that twists at the waist Recently reproduced for Collectors