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Morning daily newspaper, long the U.S. newspaper of record. From its establishment in 1851 it has aimed to avoid sensationalism and to appeal to cultured, intellectual readers. In 1896 it was bought by Adolph Ochs, who built it into an internationally respected daily. Its prestige was notably enhanced by its coverage of the sinking of the Titanic and of the two world wars. In the 1970s it became involved in controversy with its publication of the Pentagon Papers. Later in the decade, under the direction of Ochs's grandson, Arthur Ochs Sulzberger, its organization and staff underwent sweeping changes, including the introduction of a national edition printed at regional sites. Today it is perhaps the most respected and influential newspaper in the world. It is the flagship of The New York Times Co., whose interests include other newspapers (including the Boston Globe), magazines, and broadcast and electronic media
New York Times
{i} major daily newspaper published in New York City (read throughout the United States, considered one of the leading newspapers in the United States)
New York Times
a serious daily newspaper which is produced in New York City. It is sold everywhere in the US and in many other countries, and people in the US often just call it 'the Times'
the new york times


    the new York times

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