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İngilizce - Türkçe
metin editörü
Metin Düzenleyicisi
interactive text editor
Etkileşimli metin editörü
İngilizce - İngilizce
A program which allows a user to edit the contents of a text file, usually in an interactive way with immediate visual feedback. Compare word processor
A text editor is a program, such as Microsoft Notepad, which allows a file containing plain text to be edited directly This means that the content of a file is displayed according to the character codes found within, regardless of any instructions they might contain for other programs In contrast to that generated by word processors such as Microsoft Word, the text generally has no presentational formatting applied to it, except for simple devices such as line breaks and spacing, which are encoded within the document as characters Most text editors provide the author with a range of tools Typically these will include find and replace functions, copy and paste facilities, and syntax highlighting Some, more sophisticated, text editors, such as Emacs, a version of which is available for download from the TEI, offer more sophisticated facilities
Unlike a word processing application a text editing application, such as Windows Notepad, will not introduce hidden markup instructions into a text file For computer programmers this is essential
A program that lets you create files of text and edit (or change) them The most common Unix text editors are ed, vi, and emacs
Web page editing software that requires the user to view and write HTML code as a series of tags, rather than viewing and editing a screen that looks exactly like the Web page will look, which is what WYSIWYG editors can do Text editors can be more difficult to work with than WYSIWYG editors because they require knowledge of HTML code, but they tend to offer greater flexibility and functionality Back to top
A program for creating and modifying text files
Applications programs used to edit ASCII files like Notepad
A program run under your host computer's operating system that you use to create and edit host system files and SQL*Plus command files containing SQL commands, SQL*Plus commands, and/or PL/SQL blocks
An interactive program that allows you to input, update, delete and store information on the computer The information may be programs, data, or actual textual material such as letters or dissertations See the Inform Text Editors menu
A program that allows you to create and edit text files Text editors, such as Wordpad, provide fewer formatting options than word processors
A program that lets you create and modify the contents of text files
Used to write wml code The most basic of editors usually work better than more complicated word processors Also try dedicated wml editors
A program used to create text files or to make changes to an existing text file
A simple word processor with limited facilities
a program, such as vi or emacs, that allows you to create and modify text files
A simple program for writing basic text-only documents
A software tool for typing plain text documents Windows Notepad and Macintosh Simpletext are examples of text editors
an editor who prepares text for publication
An application used to create, view, and modify text files For example, Notepad in Windows, Edit in MS-DOS, SimpleText on the Macintosh, or VI on Unix Text editors do not support the formatting functions of word processors
A program that enables the production of text documents, e g , NotePad It can be used to enter HTML code and produce a source file
A utility program for creating and modifying text files This differs from a word processor in that the word processors often embed special control codes or escape sequences in the file to control formatting Source: Hyperdictionary
Software used to create and edit files that contain only text; for example, batch files, address lists and source language programs
In computer programming, software used to prepare program source code
(n ) The software for creating, changing, or removing text with the aid of a computer Most text editors have two modes: an input mode for typing text and a command mode for moving or modifying text Two UNIX® system examples are the editors ed and vi See line editor, screen editor
- A program for editing text files Similar to a word processor, but without most/all of the formatting functions (such as margins, italics, fonts, etc ) Often used for writing or editing scripts, programs and ASCII text files (such as README 1ST)
Any program which will do even the most basic word processing and will save files to standard ASCII text Check your program's manual if you are unsure of how this would be done, as different programs will do things differently
(computer science) an application that can be used to create and view and edit text files
program which enables users to edit text files without design preferences or control characters
text editors
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text editor