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İngilizce - İngilizce
an electrical device that absorbs reflection at the end of a transmission line
one who finishes
a DNA sequence which causes RNA transcription to cease and an mRNA transcript to break off
the line between the day side and the night side of a planet
an artificial intelligence machine, created to destroy humans
{n} in astronomy, the circle of illumination
a violent US film, in which Arnold Schwarzenegger appears as an android (=a machine that looks exactly like a person) who is sent back from the future to kill a woman before she can give birth to a child who will become a great leader in the future. In a second film, Terminator II (1991), Schwarzenegger appears as another android, but this time he is a good character who wants to help the humans (1984)
A resistor attached to the end of a network cable to ensure that signals do not reflect back down the line Reflected signals may cause errors on the line Ethernet networks require a terminator at both ends of the bus
A resistor used at the end of copper network cables to minimize reflections
One of five path indicators used to indicate the end of a spine Indicated by an asterisk followed by a minus sign (*-)
50-ohm coaxial plug used to attach to one end of a BNC T-connector when the associated station is first or last in the group
the line between the day side and the night side of a planet. Also known as the "grey line""
One who, or that which, terminates
the boundary between the illuminated and dark areas of the Moon or other planetary body
A device that stops electronic signals, and prevents them from proceeding or returning to other devices This is necessary to stop a signal from continuously reflecting between devices
The dividing line between the illuminated and the unilluminated part of the moon
(1) A part used to end a SCSI bus (2) A single-port, 75-ohm device that is used to absorb energy from a transmission line Terminators prevent energy from reflecting back into a cable plant by absorbing the radio frequency signals A terminator is usually shielded, which prevents unwanted signals from entering or valid signals from leaving the cable system
A sequence of DNA lying beyond the 3' end of the coding segment of a gene which is recognized by RNA polymerase as a signal to stop synthesizing mRNA [IUPAC Biotech]
A device that prevents data signal reflection from the end of an electrical conductor This ensures that the reflected signals do not mix with the primary signals and confuse any devices that need the data being sent on the conductor Functions as an end cap on a cable
The boundary between the light side and the dark side of a planet or other body
A sequence that marks the end of a gene and stops transcription (See 244, 263)
The line formed by the edge of the illuminated portion of the Moon
The dividing line between the illuminated and shadowed portions of the lunar or planetary disk
The line of sunrise or sunset on a planet or its satellite At dawn and dusk when the sun is lowest in the sky (low sun), topographic features cast their longest shadows This reveals information about the size and shape of the objects casting the shadows Therefore, features near the terminator are imaged in order to obtain morphologic information (see High sun)
A resistor at the end of a SCSI chain that prevents the signal from reflecting back along the chain
Electrical circuitry at the end of a cable to prevent the reflection of electrical signals when they reach the end of the cable In SCSI systems, this electrical circuitry is called a terminator It should be noted that any SCSI bus segment requires two terminators and only two terminators Not one, not three, but two terminators Also, the terminators must be installed at the very ends of the SCSI cable, not at devices in the middle of the bus Terminators require power that is usually provided by the host adapter on the TERMPWR line(s) on the bus Many SCSI devices power their own terminators There are five basic types of SCSI termination: Active, active negation, FPT, LVD (including LVD/SE) and passive
Used on both ends of a standard Ethernet or Thinwire Ethernet segment, this special connector provides the 50 ohm termination resistance needed for the cable
{i} one who finishes; border between light and shadow
The dividing line between the illuminated and the unilluminated part of the moon's or a planet's disk
An imaginary, diffuse line separating the illuminated and dark portions of a celestial body There are two terminators: morning and evening
An electrical impedance attached to the open end of a transmission line to eliminate reflections Electrical circuitry at the end of a cable designed to match impedance for the purpose of preventing the reflection of electrical signals when they reach the end of the cable
Electrical resistance at the ends of a line that absorbs signals on the line This keeps the signals from bouncing back down the line to be heard again by network stations If a network is open - a terminator is off, network functionality ceases
someone who exterminates (especially someone whose occupation is the extermination of troublesome rodents and insects)
A device that provides electrical resistance at the end of a transmission line Its function is to absorb signals on the line, thereby keeping them from bouncing back and being received again by the network
A resistive load to indicate the end a chain of devices, usually a SCSI chain or a coax network chain
A device attached to the last peripheral in a series, or the last node on a network
The boundary between the lighted and unlighted portions of a celestial body's surface



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    /ˈtərməˌnātər/ /ˈtɜrməˌneɪtɜr/


    [ -"nA-t&r ] (noun.) 1770. From Latin terminator from the verb terminare.


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