tüm sağanak

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Türkçe - İngilizce
A sudden storm, as found in a squall line. Often a nautical usage
A squall line, multicell line, or part of a squall line
{n} a sudden gust of wind, storm, loud scream
{v} to scream suddenly or loudly
Fast-moving thunderstorm or line of thunderstorms that often can produce damaging winds, hail, and tornadoes
A squall comprises a rather sudden increase of the mean wind speed which lasts for several minutes at least before the mean wind returns to near its previous value A squall may include many gusts To top
To cry or wail loudly
A strong wind characterized by a sudden onset, a duration on the order of minutes, and a rather sudden decrease in speed
{f} shout, scream; blow suddenly and powerfully
{i} sudden powerful storm accompanied by heavy snow or rain; scream, shout
A loud scream; a harsh cry
make high-pitched, whiney noises
A violent wind that begins suddenly, lasts for a short time, and dies suddenly It is sometimes associated with a temporary change of direction
A sudden and violent gust of wind often accompanied by rain
The sudden, short-term burst of wind with passing clouds May be accompanied by rain
utter a sudden loud cry; "she cried with pain when the doctor inserted the needle"; "I yelled to her from the window but she couldn't hear me"
To cry out; to scream or cry violently, as a woman frightened, or a child in anger or distress; as, the infant squalled
A sudden onset of strong winds with speeds increasing to at least 16 knots (18 miles per hour) and sustained at 22 or more knots (25 miles per hour) for at least one minute The intensity and duration is longer than that of a gust It is reported as "SQ"s in an observation and on the METAR
If a person or animal squalls, they make a loud unpleasant noise like the noise made by a crying baby. There was an infant squalling in the back of the church. squalling guitars. = wail. a sudden strong wind, especially one that brings rain or snow (Probably from a language). if a baby or child squalls, it cries noisily = bawl
tüm sağanak