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İngilizce - Türkçe
{i} zikzaklı yol
eğimli ve zikzak hat
yokuşlu yol
{i} lunapark tren yolu
switchback road
zikzaklı yol
İngilizce - İngilizce
A zigzag path, road or railway track; especially a railway track in which the train travels in a reverse direction at each switch
A roller coaster
A hairpin bend
To zigzag
{i} road or railroad following a zigzag course up a steep incline
A switchback is a road which rises and falls sharply many times, or a sharp rise and fall in a road. a dizzy bus ride over a switchback road
A zigzag path or road on a steep hill
A sharp reversal in the direction of the trail, allowing the tread to maintain a reasonable grade as it climbs a steep hillside
Ever been on a trail that zig-zags up a mountain? That's a switchback Makes the hike easier if not longer, and minimizes erosion problems
A very early type of wooden coaster The riders would climb up a flight of stairs, to board the car, then ride down a series of slight hills, until they reached the other end Then the riders would get out, and walk up another staircase, while workerd hoisted the car back up, and then using a railroad switch moved the car over to another identical, parallel track, except that it rode in the opposite direction, back to the staion Riders faces out sideways on these rides, and their purpose was a sightseeing ride
A sustainable turn on a hillside The trail is routed onto a level deck where it makes a transition to the opposite direction
A switchback is a road which goes up a steep hill in a series of sharp bends, or a sharp bend in a road. a road or track that goes up and down steep slopes and around sharp bends
a turn on a hill that is too steep to be climbed without zig-zagging
plural of switchback