sway bar

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İngilizce - İngilizce
An anti-sway bar
Bars that attach to the suspension arms at either or both the front or rear end to limit wheel travel and take away some traction Normally used only for fine-tuning the car Not recommended for bumpy tracks Use a thin bar at first to experiment, then try thicker bars
A stabilizer that keeps the vehicle body from leaning excessively in turns
Sometimes called the "anti-sway bar," "stabilizer bar," or even "roll-bar " It is usually a round bar which connects the left wheel suspension assembly with the right side It may be found at the front and/or rear Its main function is to keep both wheels rolling at the same rate when meeting bumps; but it also affects handling A front anti-roll bar increases understeer and a rear bar increases oversteer
Or anti-roll bar Bar used to resist or counteract the rolling force of the car body through the turns
A bar attached to the hounds, in the rear of the front axle, so as to slide on the reach as the axle is swung in turning the vehicle
Either of the two bars used in coupling the front and rear sleds of a logging sled; also, the bar used to couple two logging cars
Beer vendor at the track (see stagger)
anti-sway bar
a connection between the left and right suspension systems of a road vehicle designed to stabilise it, and reduce roll or sway on corners
sway bars
plural form of sway bar
Alternative spelling of sway bar
sway bar