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İngilizce - İngilizce
A sternly critical remark or review
A rule restricting behaviour or action

For them, parity is less an ultimate goal than a transitory and permissive springboard for testing Western resolve and pursuing whatever additional accretions of strategic power the strictures of SALT and American tolerance will allow.

Abnormal narrowing of a canal or duct in the body
Organic stricture, and Spasmodic stricture, under Organic, and Spasmodic
{n} a contraction, portion, slight touch
an abnormal narrowing of an anastamosis AKA stenosis Caused by excessive scarring, inflammation cased by ulcer, or technical complication Treated by endoscopic balloon dilation or rarely, reoperation Symptoms include progressive inability to take diet forcing regression from solid to liquid foods
abnormal narrowing of a bodily canal or passageway
A touch of adverse criticism; censure
A circumscribed narrowing of the esophagus
A localized morbid contraction of any passage of the body
You can use strictures to refer to severe criticism or disapproval of something. Mencken's strictures on the 1920s, with its self-righteous prohibition on alcohol and unconventional ideas
{i} something which restricts; censure, criticism; abnormal narrowing of a body duct or passage (Pathology)
A stroke; a glance; a touch
severe criticism
You can refer to things that limit what you can do as strictures of a particular kind. Your goals are hindered by financial strictures. = restriction
abnormal narrowing of a part of an organ
plural of stricture
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Biliary Stricture
(Tıp) Yaralı dokudan dolayı safra kanallarının daralması,Yaralı doku,sakatlanma,hastalık,pankreatitis(Pankreas yangısı),enfeksiyon veya safra Kesesi Taşı'ndan oluşmuş olabilir.bkz: keza Stricture
Esophageal Stricture
(Tıp) Genellikle Mideden geriye gelen asitlerin neden olduğu Yemek Borusu daralması



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    /ˈstrəkʧər/ /ˈstrɪkʧɜr/


    [ 'strik-ch&r ] (noun.) 14th century. Middle English, from Late Latin strictura, from Latin strictus, past participle.

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