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İngilizce - Türkçe

Onlar Tom'u bir sedye üzerinde uzağa aldılar. - They took Tom away on a stretcher.

Tom'u son gördüğümde o bir sedye üzerindeydi. - The last time I saw Tom, he was on a stretcher.

(Askeri) yarımoturak
hasta veya ölü taşımaya mahsus teskere
{i} gergi
iki çatı direğini bağlayan direk
geren şey veya kimse
{i} teskere (inşaat)
{i} oturak (kayık)
duvar boyunca enine konulan taş veya tuğla
(Askeri) SEDYE, HASTA TESKERESİ, TEZKERE: Bak. ""litter"
{i} kasnak
stretcherbearersedye taşıyan hastabakıcı
{i} ayakkabı kalıbı
{i} tuval
gerdirme tertibatı
stretcher bearer
sedye taşıyıcı
stretcher cloth
sedye örtüsü

patient's blood was smeared on the stretcher cloth.

stretcher leveller
germeli düzelteç, metalleri gererek düzelten araç
stretcher party
sedye parti
stretcher, barrow, litter
sedye, el arabası, çöp
sedye taşıyan hastabakıcı
stretcher-bearer, hospital porter
sedyeci, hastane bekçisi
stretcher-bearer, stretcher man
sedyeci, sedye adam
stretcher bearer
sedye taşıyan hastabakıcı
stretcher carriage
sedye arabası
stretcher case
(Askeri) TESKERELİK VAKA: Bak. "litter patient"
stretcher case
(Askeri) sedyelik vaka
stretcher course
dizi sırası
stretcher course
boyuna sıra
stretcher guide
sedye kılavuzu
stretcher holder
sedye dayanağı
stretcher leveller
germeli düzelteç
stretcher levelling
germeli düzeltme
stretcher levelling
metalleri gererek düzeltme
stretcher of a canvas
(Sanat) tablo kasnağı
stretcher patient
(Askeri) TESKERELİK HASTA: Bak. "litter patient"
stretcher stop
sedye dayanağı
stretcher strains
luders çizgileri
stretcher strains
(Mekanik,Teknik) luder bantları
stretcher strains
germe gerinimleri
belt stretcher
kayış mengenesi
cable stretcher
kablo germe aleti
curtain stretcher
perde gergefi
airworthy stretcher
uçuşa elverişli sedye
the stretcher
cupboard containing stretcher
sedye dolabı
oscillating stretcher
(Tekstil) salınımlı gerici, salınımlı açıcı
İngilizce - İngilizce
A brick laid with the longest side exposed (compare header)
A device to stretch shoes or gloves
A frame on which a canvas is stretched for painting
A lie
A simple litter designed to carry a sick, injured, or dead person
to carry (an injured person) on a stretcher
{n} one who stretches, a support, a brick
The long side of a brick
A set of two inclined foot rests that hold each rower's shoes
If someone is stretchered somewhere, they are carried there on a stretcher. I was close by as Lester was stretchered into the ambulance. a type of bed used for carrying someone who is too injured or ill to walk. to carry someone on a stretcher be stretchered off/into etc
A brick or stone laid with its longer dimension in the line of direction of the wall
The feet of a rower are strapped in shoes that are mounted close to the toes on a footplate, which is connected (usually on three points) to the boat, the whole construction is called stretcher
A stretcher is a long piece of canvas with a pole along each side, which is used to carry an injured or sick person. The two ambulance attendants quickly put Plover on a stretcher and got him into the ambulance
A narrow crosspiece of the bottom of a boat against which a rower braces his feet
> An adjustable wooden frame onto which the canvas is stretched
One who, or that which, stretches
a litter for transporting people who are ill or wounded or dead; usually consists of a sheet of canvas stretched between two poles
a litter for transporting people who are ill or wounded or dead; usually consists of a sheet of canvas stretched between two poles a mechanical device used to make something larger (as shoes or gloves) by stretching it a wooden framework on which canvas is stretched and fixed for oil painting
Small rope clamped to side edge of a back drop, then pulled outwards to stretch the cloth flat
a mechanical device used to make something larger (as shoes or gloves) by stretching it
A piece of timber used in building
A crosspiece placed between the sides of a boat to keep them apart when hoisted up and griped
A masonry unit laid flat with its longest dimension parallel to the face of the wall
A horizontal brace in an H or X shape, often decorative, connecting the legs of a table or chair
A masonry unit or brick laid horizontally with its length parallel to the wall
One of the rods in an umbrella, attached at one end to one of the ribs, and at the other to the tube sliding upon the handle
a wooden framework on which canvas is stretched and fixed for oil painting
the wood frame behind the painting over which the canvas is stretched
A wooden or metal frame on which a painter's canvas is stretched
The horizontal pieces connecting chair or table legs; some are plain, some shaped and carved
An instrument for stretching boots or gloves
An overstretching of the truth; a lie
A bar or beam under a chair or table, attached to the legs for strength
A litter, or frame, for carrying disabled, wounded, or dead persons
a stone that forms the top of wall or building
{i} litter for carrying the sick or wounded; person or thing that stretches; device that widens or extends; wooden framework on which canvas for a painting is stretched
A rail connecting and bracing the legs of a chair
The longer face of a brick showing in the surface of a wall
The frame upon which canvas is stretched for a painting
A person who carries, or helps to carry, injured or dead people on a stretcher
stretcher bearer
one who carries the injures, one who bears injured people on stretchers
stretcher party
a party of people with stretchers to carry an injured person
one who helps carry a stretcher
someone, usually a soldier, who carries one end of a stretcher
a pair of flat or curved stretchers, on a chair etc., that often have a knob at the intersection
plural of stretcher



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    /ˈstreʧər/ /ˈstrɛʧɜr/


    [ 'stre-ch&r ] (noun.) 15th century. stretch +‎ -er

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