spot color

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İngilizce - Türkçe
(Bilgisayar) nokta rengi
spot renk
spot color ink
spot renk mürekkebi
İngilizce - İngilizce
Individual color or colors that are utilized to highlight illustrations or type Spot color is frequently printed with nonprocess color inks, although process inks can be used
n A method of handling color in a document in which a particular color of ink is specified and each page having elements in that color is printed as a separate layer The printer then prints one layer for each spot color in the document See also color model, color separation (definition 1) Compare process color
One (generally non-process) color other than black
A spot color is a special premixed ink that is used instead of, or (less commonly) in addition to, CMYK process inks, and that requires its own printing plate on a printing press Use spot color when few colors are specified and color accuracy is critical Spot color inks can accurately reproduce colors that are outside the gamut of process colors However, the exact appearance of the printed spot color is determined by combination of the ink medium it's printed on, so it isn't affected by color values you specify or by color management Minimize the number of spot colors you use Each spot color you create will generate an additional spot color printing plate for a printing press, increasing your printing costs If you think you might require more than four colors, consider printing your document using process colors
Toners used independently a) in a printed piece for a specific need or, b) in overlapping colors
Use of one additional color in printing
A single consistent color used throughout an area
Color used usually for accent
Printing of one or more solid (not process) color of ink It's used very often to cut down printing costs and give the printed product one and up to three colors to enhance looks and reading Used on Newsletters, Stationery, books, etc Also used when a color can not be simulated very well using process colors (like gold and silver)
The adding of a color for the purpose of creating greater impact
Small area printed in a second color
A custom mixed ink color used in printing A separate plate is used to print each spot color Pantone is a commonly used spot color matching system (See Process color) Each spot channel holds data for an individual custom color
On a standard printed page, the use of colored ink to highlight an area If this page were printed it would have yellow and blue spot color
same as PMS or Pantone color
A single color ink or varnish applied to printed material Primarily used when process colors are not appropriate The effective use of spot color can add heightened interest to printed materials without incurring the cost of process colors
Color printing method which uses one or more custom-mixed inks; appropriate for stationery and some brochures-not appropriate for reproducing photographs
Individual color or colors that are utilized to highlight illustrations or type Spot color is frequently printed with non-process color inks, although process inks can be used
The technique of coloring for emphasis some areas of basic black-and-white advertisements, usually with a single color
Ink colors designated by the Pantone or similar system, in which the ink used is the actual color desired (I e , green ink rather than the process yellow and process cyan to simulate green) to top
A premixed color ink used on a printing press A widely used system for selecting spot colors is the Pantone Matching System (PMS)
A special ink added to a job as a solid color rather than a combination of the four process colors When the job is color separated, each spot color has its own separation
The use of one or more extra colors on a page to highlight or enhance
Spot colors are printed on a printing press with premixed inks, to achieve an exact color match (to a Pantone number) To lighten a color, smaller halftone dots of the base color are created in a process called screening
An alternative to four-color printing Instead of combining inks on the press to create an infinite variety of colors, inks are pre-mixed and loaded onto the press Typically no more than three spot colors are used per job
spot color