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sun protection factor
single point of failure
SPF spray polyurethane foam
Sender Policy Framework
sun protection factor. Sun Protection Factor a number that shows you how much protection a special cream gives you from the sun
Acronym for sun protection factor Measures the length of time a sunscreen product protects against skin reddening from UVB (short-wave solar waves) compared to how long the skin takes to redden without protection For example, if reddening takes 20 minutes without protection, using an SPF 15 suncreen theoretically prevents reddening 15 times longer See Free Eye Tests
special-purpose forces
(sun protection factor) Number representing the amount of sun something blocks For example, if you normally begin to burn after half an hour in the sun, a sunscreen with an SPF of 2 should let you stay out twice as long (1 hour), SPF 4 should let you stay out four times as long, and so on
Sun Protection Factor, a number which indicates how much longer you can stay out under the Sun before getting a certain amount of damage Always use sunscreen of SPF 15 or higher if you are going to be outside for more than a few minutes
SPIFF, Still Picture Interchange File Format, the "official" International Standards organization Joint Photographic Experts Group (ISO JPEG) image format defined in the recent Part 3 extensions to the JPEG standard SPIFF offers more features than the current JPEG standard and is backwards compatible, but has not yet achieved much popularity SPIFF files may also be suffixed JPG T Return to top
Abbreviation for super plastic forming This is a thermal processing procedure designed to create semi-finished components by forming them at temperatures that allow the metal to plastically form around a mold
The definition of "SPF" is debatable It is typically thought of as "Slobbering Pennsy Fan" One "PRR-Talk" member suggested that this is a derogatory term used by railfans of other roads in defiance of their inability to recognize the Pennsy as "the best"! His suggestion is that SPF stand for "Serious Pennsy Fan" However, further discussion reveals that many Pennsy fans don't mind - and are even proud - to be called a Slobering Pennsy Fan! My take: Only Pennsy fans call themselves Slobbering Pennsy Fans as a matter of pride When coming from a non-Pennsy fan it will be deemed to mean Serious Pennsy Fan in defiance of their misunderstanding of the true importance of the PRR
Sprayed Polyurethane Foam
sprayed polyurethane foam Used as a roofing system and as an insulation board material
Sun Protection Factor This number usually between 0-50 determines the amount of sun that is blocked by a sunscreen A number 15 SPF sunscreen blocks 95% of the sunrays dermatologistskincare com usually recommends applying a higher SPF (30) as it is has been shown that people usually apply less sunscreen than is needed Sunscreens should be applied several times a day if one is out in the sun
Scale for rating sunscreens Sunscreens with an SPF of 15 or higher provide the best protection from the sun's harmful rays
sun protection factor of suntan lotion The higher the factor, the more protection you will get from the sun
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