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İngilizce - Türkçe
(Denizbilim) soğulma
içe tutunma
{i} emme
{i} içine çekme
(Tıp) Suyun bir kolloid veya kan pıhtısı ile birleşmesi
(Askeri) EMME VE TUTMA: Gaz, sıvı veya katı zerrecikleri emme (içte eritme) veya adsorpsiyon (satha yapıştırma) suretiyle emme ve tutma işlemi. Özellikle aktif kömürün kimyasal madde buharları üzerindeki etkisi
{i} emilme
{i} kendini verme
{i} soğurma
(Askeri) emme ve tutma
sorption isotherm
(Gıda) sorpsiyon izotermi
İngilizce - İngilizce
Either of the process of absorption or adsorption
the process in which one substance takes up or holds another (by either absorption or adsorption)
A surface phenomenon which may be either absorption or adsorption, or a combination of the two; often used when the specific mechanism is not known
The removal of an ion or molecule from solution by adsorption and absorption It is often used when the exact nature of the mechanism of removal is not known
Either or both of the processes of adsorption and absorption For additional definitions and explanations, more complete dictionaries are available See
A general term for the process of absorption and adsorption, often used to denote the occurrence of both
The action of soaking up or attracting substances; process used in many pollution control systems
{i} process of taking up and holding by absorption or adsorption
General term for the interaction (binding or association) of a solute ion or molecule with a solid
Generalized term consisting of the following specific and individual phenomenon in reference to gas-phase filtra-tion: Absorption is the phenomenon of attracting contaminants within the chemical media It implies aqueous phenomenon, including ionization Adsorption is a dry phenomenon and involves attracting contaminants to the surface of the media Desorption refers to the abrupt reversal of the sorption phenomenon which forces contaminants back into the air stream
The taking up of gas by absorption, adsorption, chemisorption, or any combination of these process See absorption
the ability of some substances to soak up or attract contaminants and hold them
The binding of a gas (sorbate) by a solid or a liquid (sorbent) Sorbents are also known as sorbent agents (=> Absorption, => Adsorption)
The property of wood to take on or lose moisture in response to the tendency to establish an equilibrium between its moisture content and the relative humidity of the surrounding air
The action of soaking up or attracting substances; process used in many pollution control systems Also the general term for physical and chemical absorption and adsorption





    [ 'sorp-sh&n ] (noun.) 1909. back-formation from absorption and adsorption.

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