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İngilizce - Türkçe
İngilizce - İngilizce
A band or ribbon for keeping the hair in place, including the hair-band formerly worn in Scotland and northern England by young unmarried women
A short line of horsehair, gut, monofilament, etc., by which a fishhook is attached to a longer (and usually heavier) line; a snell
A small hairnet or cap worn by women to keep their hair in place

serious girls with their hair in snoods entered numbers into logbooks .

The flap of red skin on the beak of a turkey
To keep the hair in place with a snood
A piece of clothing to keep the neck warm; neckwarmer
The fleshy appendage on the beak of a male turkey
an ornamental net in the shape of a bag that confines a woman's hair; pins or ties at the back of the head
The fillet which binds the hair of a young unmarried woman, and is emblematic of her maiden character
simple net used to cover headgear Adornments such as pearls and jewels added in 15th century
– small mesh like skull cap or barrette
A short line (often of horsehair) connecting a fishing line with the hook; a snell; a leader
{i} headband; hair net
To bind or braid up, as the hair, with a snood
The lassie lost her silken snood The snood was a riband with which a Scotch lass braided her hair, and was the emblem of her maiden character When she married she changed the snood for the curch or coif; but if she lost the name of virgin before she obtained that of wife, she “lost her silken snood,” and was not privileged to assume the curch (Anglo-Saxon, snod )
The flap of skin on the beak of a turkey
plural of snood