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İngilizce - Türkçe
enstantane resim
şipşak resim
(Bilgisayar) bellek kopyası
(Bilgisayar) şipşak

Bu, karımın plajda bir şipşak resmidir. - This is a snapshot of my wife on the beach.

(Bilgisayar) anlık görüntü al
enstantane fotoğraf

Tom birkaç enstantane fotoğraf çekti. - Tom took a few snapshots.

fotoğraf karesi
{i} ani ateş
{i} şipşak fotoğraf
{i} enstantane, enstantane fotoğraf
{i} nişan almadan edilen ateş
şipşak fotoğrafını çekmek
snapshot dump
anında döküm
snapshot button
(Bilgisayar) fotoğraf tuşu
snapshot viewer
(Bilgisayar) anlık görüntüleyici
family snapshot
aile fotoğrafı
İngilizce - İngilizce
A file or set of files captured at a particular time, capable of being reloaded to restore the earlier state
A glimpse of something; a portrayal of something at a moment in time

The article offered a snapshot of life in that region.

To take a snapshot of

As he did not appear disposed to move off, I took my camera and approached within about thirty yards, when I snapshotted him.

A photograph, especially one taken quickly or in a moment of opportunity

He carried a snapshot of his daughter.

A snapshot is a photograph that is taken quickly and casually
{i} quick photograph taken with a hand-held camera
A screen dump A copy of the video screen, taken by copying video memory or main memory and then converted to an image file
An image taken of the screen display by a program and stored in a file for later use
An instantaneous photograph made, usually with a hand camera, without formal posing of, and often without the foreknowledge of, the subject
A quick offhand shot, made without deliberately taking aim over the sights
Save a snapshot on the image file that was loaded on startup Sending this method to Smalltalk is deprecated; send it to ObjectMemory instead
In a constantly hanging database,you can take a snapshot that provides a copy of the data at one point in time
A record of a single time point in a molecular dynamics simulation Coordinates and velocities for the molecular system are stored in files with the extension snp Snapshots can be played back at a later time to view the changes in the configuration of a system, plot data values, and obtain averages of data values
A condensed form of a set of data that is used when verifying a later set of that data
A condensed safety profile, available through the online SAFER system, indicating who a carrier is, what its operations are like, and its safety record and rating
An image backup type A snapshot is a point-in-time view of a volume When you perform an online image backup, the Logical Volume Snapshot Agent (LVSA) takes a snapshot of the volume Any changes that occur to the volume after the snapshot begins are not included in the backup
In earth-rotation aperture synthesis interferometry: an observation which is of such short duration that the Earth's motion does not significantly enhance the u-v coverage, or an image derived from such a brief observation Compare full-synthesis image
A view of the data at a particular instant in time
FPGA의 동작중의 특정 순간에 readback된 Data로 Memory의 상태 값, CLB 출력 또는 IOB의 입출력 값을 포함하는 Data
A point-in-time copy LiveVault Service creates a daily snapshot of your backed up data The last seven days of snapshots are maintained on disk for restores Each daily snapshot is also written to tape
A query in Spatio-Temporal Database characterizing data at a given time
If something provides you with a snapshot of a place or situation, it gives you a brief idea of what that place or situation is like. The interviews present a remarkable snapshot of Britain in these dark days of recession
A Photon application for capturing images of the screen
an informal photograph; usually made with a small hand-held camera; "my snapshots haven't been developed yet"; "he tried to get unposed shots of his friends"
A Texas Education Agency publication that provides general information about the characteristics of public school districts Spanish Assessment of Basic Education (SABE) - A norm-referenced achievement test given annually to Bilingual students in grades 2 through 5
(noun, database) A Database dump or the archiving of Data as of some one moment in time
A copy of a master table (or subset) replicated to other child sites Snapshots can be updated at specified intervals if required
A technology that provides instantaneous backups of data, providing a copy of the data as it appeared at a certain point in time
Act of taking a snapshot (in sense 2)
The information about all handle sets that is collected and analyzed by dmaudit The snapshot analysis is available from the report function
snapshot program
a trace program that produces output for selected conditions
A snapshot
plural of snapshot
Türkçe - İngilizce

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snapshot dosyası
(Bilgisayar) snapshot file
snapshot yolu
(Bilgisayar) snapshotpath



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    /ˈsnapˌsʜät/ /ˈsnæpˌʃɑːt/


    [ snap-"shät ] (noun.) 1890. From snap + shot.


    ... tests that are just taken as a snapshot, one year to the next, and you can't really tell ...

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