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İngilizce - Türkçe
(Stock-keeping unit) Stok kodu
İngilizce - İngilizce
Stock Keeping Unit n, a unique value that represents the lowest common denominator for inventory. For example, a standard sized box of 20 widgets would have an SKU, while the widgets themselves would have a part number|part number]]
(Ticaret) (stockkeeping unit) The combination of a specific item and a specific physical location, as in part number A stocked in warehouse B
Stock Keeping Unit This is the lowest level of detail in identifying a product that JCPenney uses in its’ Product Data Base
078521058X  Quantity Remaining: 89 
0785212108  Quantity Remaining: 35 
0785212175  Quantity Remaining: 49 
Stock keeping unit A number assigned to a specific item of merchandise
Refers to each single item carried by a retailer Every colour, every style, every flavour, every item having its own vendor or vendee number is a stock keeping unit
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0529073099  Quantity Remaining: 13 
Stock Keeping Unit
0895555492  Quantity Remaining: 16 
Used by some companies in place of or in tandem with UPCs Always unique within a company One SKU may have multiple UPCs assigned to it, but one UPC will only have ONE corresponding SKU
Stock-Keeping Unit
A code number applied to specific products to aid business in keeping track of inventory
0529114909  Quantity Remaining: 97 
Stock Keeping Unit Code assigned to each brand, flavor or type of product that assists in tracking inventory and ordering
Stock Keeping Unit, referring to a particular item included in a data base
Stock Keeping Unit: a term used by retailers to identify the lowest level of product detail Such level of detail is often not included in OLAP applications
Stock Keeping Unit A code by which all products are defined within a company
-stock-keeping unit Referring to a specific item in a specific unit of measure Also refers to the identification number assigned to each SKU Used interchangeably with the terms item and item number
A number assigned to a specific item of merchandise
0529073099  Quantity Remaining: 12 
Stock Keeping Unit A unique code associated with each product for inventory purposes
1558190538  Quantity Remaining: 84 
0895555492  Quantity Remaining: 15 
number assigned to a specific product and used to keep track of current supplies of that product