sine quâ non

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İngilizce - Türkçe
olmazsa olmaz şart
onsuz olmaz
zaruri şey
olmazsa olmaz
vazgeçilmez koşul
olmazsa olmaz şey
gerekli şart
İngilizce - İngilizce
a test used to establish causation in fact
An essential or indispensable element, condition, or ingredient

...whereas some degree of political freedom is a sine qua non condition for contestation, democracy cannot be sufficiently defined in terms of liberties....

Alternative spelling of sine qua non
Latin for "without which not"; something that is absolutely essential
An indispensable condition Latin, Sine qua non potest csse or fieri (that without which [the thing] cannot be, or be done)
\sin-ih-kwah-NON; -NOHN; sy-nih-kway-\, noun: An essential condition or element; an indispensable thing; an absolute prerequisite
Latin for "without which, not;" hence, an alternative way of expressing the presence of a necessary condition
A sine qua non is something that is essential if you want to achieve a particular thing. Successful agricultural reform is also a sine qua non of Mexico's modernisation. something that you must have, or which must exist, before something else can happen sine qua non for/of
essential condition, necessary condition
If you don't have the latest Newton's, you're not doing telecom
without which not; an indispensable condition
a prerequisite
Latin phrase which means "without which"--refers to something which is needed in order to make the program work at all, i e without this item, a program will not work
something that is indispensable
An indispensable condition Latin, Sine qua non potest esse or fieri (that without which [the thing] cannot be, or be done)
causa sine qua non
requisite, necessary condition, vital circumstance (to prove a causal relationship)
sine qua nons
{i} (Latin) something absolutely necessary, something absolutely indispensable, essential condition, type of prerequisite
sine quâ non


    sine qua non

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    sayn kwä nän

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    /ˈsīn ˈkwä ˈnän/ /ˈsaɪn ˈkwɑː ˈnɑːn/


    [ 'sIn ] (noun.) 1593. Latin sine qua non, “without which not”

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