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İngilizce - İngilizce
To break (something) into shards
A piece of material, especially rock and similar materials, reminding of a broken piece of glass or pottery
A piece of broken glass or pottery, especially one found in an archaeological dig
A tough scale, sheath, or shell; especially an elytron of a beetle
An instance of an MMORPG that is one of several independent and structurally identical virtual worlds, none of which has so many players as to exhaust a system's resources

The planet was still bound to the jewel's magic, even as it lay shattered upon the floor of Mondain's castle. For,sic] within each shattered remnant of the jewel, dwelled a perfect likeness of Sosaria. Thus is the world in which you are born, live, and die. Brittaniasic], that was once Sosaria, now exists as a thousand worlds, each with its own peoples, history and destiny. This Brittaniasic] is but one of many in the multiverse that is... ...ULTIMA ONLINE. - Intro cinematic to the game, written by Michael Morlan.

To divide (an MMORPG) into several [[#Noun|shards]], or to establish a shard of one
To fall apart into shards, usually as the result of impact or explosion
{n} a piece of a pot, plant, fish, gap
A gap in a fence
A young elven boy from Magine Crystal's brother One of the Chosen
A piece or fragment of an earthen vessel, or a like brittle substance, as the shell of an egg or snail
or Sherd A piece of broken pottery
{i} piece, fragment
The hard wing case of a beetle
A boundary; a division
A piece of broken pottery
A plant; chard
a broken piece of a brittle artifact
Shards are pieces of broken glass, pottery, or metal. Eyewitnesses spoke of rocks and shards of glass flying in the air. a sharp piece of broken glass, metal etc shard of
A tough scale, sheath, or shell; it is especially used as a term to refer to the elytra of a beetle
glass shard
broken piece of glass
plural of shard
{i} piece of broken artifact (especially one found in an archaeological dig), shard
a broken piece of a brittle artifact
Piece of broken pottery
A broken fragment of pottery
or Shard A piece of broken pottery
A fragment; now used only in composition, as in potsherd
a piece or fragment of pottery; not to be confused with "shard" which refers to a piece of broken glass
A broken pottery piece
Variant of shard. another form of shard
alternative spelling of shard
Or shard A broken fragment of pottery
plural of sherd

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    potsherd, splinter


    /ˈsʜärd/ /ˈʃɑːrd/


    [ 'shärd ] (noun.) before 12th century. From Middle English Old English sceard. Akin to German Scharte (“notch”), Old Norse skarð (“notch, hack”) ( > Danish skår).

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