service agreement

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İngilizce - Türkçe
İngilizce - İngilizce
A formal contract of employment, particularly where the employee has high status, like a company director
A contract between two businesses where one agrees to provide a specified service to the other, such as cleaning or running a staff canteen, or between a landlord and a tenant where the landlord is going to provide services, e.g. heating and lift maintenance, to the tenant
The initial agreement and any supplements thereto entered into by the a generation or transmission customer and the energy services provider
– the casework document developed between the CPS caseworker and the client which outlines the tasks necessary to be accomplished by all parties to achieve goals and outcomes necessary for risk reduction
A business contract or agreement that outlines the services provided, and the costs for the services, by a wireless service provider Service agreements typically include a monthly base rate (with included minutes) and per-minute charges for minutes over the monthly maximum
Contract between a service provider and a client regarding the attributes of a Web service and its usage
the contract/agreement a user enters to with the mobile phone operator Service agreements usually include a monthly fee and free minutes
Contracts between one or more carriers and one or more shippers to transport cargo between specified points at terms of carriage listed in the contract
The initial agreement and any supplements thereto entered into by the Transmission Customer and the Transmission Provider for service under this Tariff
service level agreement
A contract between the provider of a service and a user of that service, specifying the level of service that will be provided
Public Service Agreement
a promise by a department of the British government that it will make particular improvements or reach particular standards, for example in health services or education
service level agreement
A formal negotiated document that defines (or attempts to define) in quantitative (and perhaps qualitative) terms the service being offered to a Customer Confusion must be avoided over whether the quantitative definitions constitute thresholds for an acceptable service, targets to which the supplier should aspire or expectations that the supplier would strive to exceed Any metrics included in a SLA should be capable of being measured on a regular basis and the SLA should record by whom Typically it will cover: service hours, service availability, Customer support levels, throughputs and responsiveness, restrictions, functionality and the service levels to be provided in a contingency It may also include information on security, charges and terminology Apart from regular periodic reviews, SLAs should be renegotiated whenever a business service is subject to a change of requirement, or there is an inability to deliver to requirement
service level agreement
A document outlining the service that a carrier provides to a customer SLAs normally include acceptable levels of latency, packet loss, availability, as well as other expectations of the customer and carrier In the event that the carrier does not meet their SLA, the customer may be eligible for billing credit For example, if a customer experiences a carrier-caused outage, they may be able to receive for availability for each day of the outage
service level agreement
A formal agreement between an internal provider and an internal receiver (customer)
service level agreement
Agreements between health authorities or primary care groups and NHS trusts on services to be provide for a local population Annual agreements are to be replaced by long-term service agreements which cover a minimum of three years
service level agreement
A Contract between the service provider and the user that specifies the level of service expected during its term
service level agreement
Agreements between PCTs, NHS Trusts on the services to be provided for a local population
service level agreement
Performance objectives reached by consensus between the user and the provider of a service, or between an outsourcer and an organization A service level agreement specifies a variety of performance standards that may or may not include "service level " See Service Level
service level agreement
An agreement between users and providers of support services which specifies the service to be provided and the charge to be made
service level agreement
An agreement between information technology providers and users that specifies in detail a guaranteed level of performance on a variety of dimensions
service level agreement
These are contracts agreed between PCTs and service providers such as NHS Trusts They are agreed on an annual basis
service level agreement
A contract between the provider and the user that specifies the level of service that is expected during its term SLAs are used by Application Service Providers to specify application availability and performance, response time for problem resolution (network down, server failure, etc ) and other service measurements
service level agreement
An agreement between the help desk and a customer to provide a certain level of service
service level agreement
A contract between a provider and a user that formalized a set of service objectives An SLA typically includes the following
service agreement


    ser·vice A·gree·ment

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    sırvıs ıgrimınt

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    /ˈsərvəs əˈgrēmənt/ /ˈsɜrvəs əˈɡriːmənt/


    () service + agreement ( = agree + -ment )

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