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İngilizce - Türkçe
papaz okulu
{i} ilahiyat fakültesi
{i} yatak [arg.]
{i} kız okulu
moslem seminary
İngilizce - İngilizce
A private residential school for girls

Come from a ladies' seminary.

A theological school for the training of rabbis, priests, or ministers
A class of religious education for youths ages 14–18 that accompanies normal secular education
a special school, as of theology or pedagogics
{n} a seedplot, stock, college, school
A Roman Catholic priest educated in a foreign seminary; a seminarist
a theological school for training ministers or priests or rabbis
a residential academic program for the study of theology
A seminary offers graduate level professional degrees in theological fields The standard degree in a seminary setting is the Master of Divinity Seminaries sometimes offer limited undergraduate programs and often offer post-graduate professional and theological degrees such as the Doctor of Ministry and Doctor of Philosophy top^
Institution of higher education that offers religious training, usually to prepare the individual for ministry, priesthood, or rabbinate
a private place of education for the young a theological school for training ministers or priests or rabbis
A house of study and formation for men, called seminarians, preparing for the priesthood Traditional seminaries date from the Council of Trent in the middle of the 16th century; before that time, candidates for the priesthood were variously trained in monastic schools, universities under church auspices, and in less formal ways
A seed bed; a source
A place of education, as a scool of a high grade, an academy, college, or university
A seminary is a college where priests, ministers, or rabbis are trained. Educational institution, usually for training in theology. In the U.S. the term was formerly also used to refer to institutions of higher learning for women, often teachers' colleges. Since at least the 4th century there have been seminaries for the training of clergy. The first known group of seminarians was gathered by St. Basil of Ancyra. The term dropped out of general use in the Middle Ages, when most theological training was in monasteries, and later, in the universities. After the Reformation and the emergence of new denominations, seminaries again came into use, especially in the U.S. The 16th-century Council of Trent ordered seminaries to be opened in every diocese
All our youth aged 14-17 (high school years) are encouraged to do an intense study of the 4 books of scriptures (The Old Testament, the New Testament, Book of Mormon and Doctrine and Covenants/Pearl of great Price) This is a Church wide program and the classes are held in the meeting house (Church) or at the teacher's home Where there are many members of the Church, it is often held at the High Schools before regular school starts The youth memorize select scriptures each year This helps them when they serve missions and deal with life in general
a private place of education for the young
theological school for obtaining a degree in some type of ministry
{i} religious school where students train for the priesthood or rabbinate; school, institution of learning; seminar, advanced university course intended for a small number of students; educational academy for girls
Hence, the place or original stock whence anything is brought or produced
A school of higher education especially for the training of candidates for the priesthood or ministry The College of William and Mary was established in 1693 as a seminary of the Anglican Church
Belonging to seed; seminal
Seminal state
A piece of ground where seed is sown for producing plants for transplantation; a nursery; a seed plat
Has no definite legal meaning; is used in a general way to designate institutions for the promotion of learning Chegaray v Mayor of New York, 13 N Y 229 (1855)
plural of seminary
teachers seminary
special school for training teachers
Türkçe - İngilizce

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ruhban okulu seminary
(for theological education)



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    /ˈseməˌnerē/ /ˈsɛməˌnɛriː/


    [ 'se-m&-"ner-E ] (noun.) 1542. Middle English, seedbed, nursery, from Latin seminarium, from semin-, semen seed.

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