securities exchange

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(Ticaret) menkul kıymetler borsası
(Ticaret) menkul kıymet borsası
securities exchanges
(Ticaret) menkul kıymet borsaları
securities and exchange commission
(Ekonomi) Amerika Birleşik Devletleri'nde borsa ve sermaye piyasalarını denetleyen ve düzenleyen kamu kurumu
securities and exchange commission
menkul kıymetler ve döviz komisyon
İngilizce - İngilizce
A physical facility in which buyers and sellers of securities, or their agents, meet to effect transactions
A market in which buyers and sellers of securities (or their agents or brokers) meet in one location to conduct trades
A facility where securities are bought and sold
securities and exchange commission
(Ekonomi) The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) is a U.S. government agency that oversees securities transactions, activities of financial professionals and mutual fund trading to prevent fraud and intentional deception. The SEC consists of five commissioners who serve staggered five-year terms. No more than three of the commissioners may belong to the same political party
Securities and Exchange Commission
the SEC a US government organization which makes sure that people and companies obey the laws about the sale of stocks and bonds. U.S. regulatory commission established by Congress in 1934. Its purpose was to restore investor confidence by ending the misleading sales practices and stock manipulations that had led to the stock market's 1929 collapse (see Stock Market Crash of 1929). It also prohibited the purchase of stock shares without adequate funds to pay for them, initiated registration and supervision of securities markets and stockbrokers, established rules regarding proxies, and prohibited unfair use of nonpublic information in stock trading (see insider trading). It also required that companies offering securities make full public disclosure of all relevant information. The discovery of fraudulent accounting practices among several large U.S. corporations brought demands for greater SEC oversight in the early 21st century
Securities and Exchange Commission
SEC, American board that regulates the sale and public offering of securities
securities and exchange commission
an independent federal agency that oversees the exchange of securities to protect investors
securities in exchange for dividends
type of business deal in which securities can be obtained in place of receiving dividends
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securities exchange commission
(Ticaret) sec
securities exchange


    securities ex·change

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    sîkyûrıtiz îksçeync


    /səˈkyo͝orətēz əksˈʧānʤ/ /sɪˈkjʊrətiːz ɪksˈʧeɪnʤ/

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