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İngilizce - Türkçe
İngilizce - İngilizce
A food made of ground meat (or meat substitute) and seasoning, packed in a cylindrical casing. Also a length of sausage, or an example of a sausage
A term of endearment

Silly sausage.

A sausage-shaped thing
{n} minced meat stuffed in a gut
{i} seasoned minced meat which is stuffed into a tubular casing and formed into links
pork minced and highly seasoned, and inclosed in a cylindrical case or skin usually made of the prepared intestine of some animal
a small nonrigid airship used for observation or as a barrage balloon
A sausage consists of minced meat, usually pork, mixed with other ingredients and is contained in a tube made of skin or a similar material. sausages and chips. Highly seasoned minced meat, usually pork or beef, traditionally stuffed in casings of prepared animal intestine. Sausage has been known since ancient times. Some varieties came to be known by their city of origin: the frankfurter from Frankfurt am Main, bologna from Bologna, the wiener from Vienna (Wien). Sausage meat may be eaten fresh, smoked, dried, or pickled. It may be mixed with other meats and additives such as cereals, vegetable starch, soy flour, preservatives, artificial colourings, salt, and various herbs and spices. Casings may be intestine, paraffin-treated fabric bags, or synthetic sleeves of plastic or reconstituted collagen. All but dry (cured) sausages require refrigerated storage. Cooked and dry sausages are ready to eat; fresh (and frozen) sausages must be cooked
A small, soft version of this food that must be cooked before eating and is often sold in strings
An article of food consisting of meat esp
highly seasoned minced meat stuffed in casings
A saucisson
A food made of ground meat and other animal parts, herbs and spices, and sometimes other ingredients, generally packed in a casing (traditionally the intestines of the animal), and preserved in some way; usually somewhat hard and cut into slices for eating
sausage casing
The membrane into which the filling of a sausage is stuffed. Originally the washed intestine of an animal, now sometimes a synthetic substitute
sausage casings
plural form of sausage casing
sausage dog
The dachshund
sausage dog
An insulating item in the shape of a dog, used to stop draughts entering under doors
sausage factory
the process of creating news - "You wouldn't want to see how it's created," referring to the job of pursuing stories, sources and research
sausage factory
A facility producing sausage meat products
sausage factory
An unappealing process to generate something familiar
sausage factory
Dealing and compromise done behind the scenes to enact legislation
sausage factory
A party or gathering with few to no women present
sausage fest
A party or gathering where the vast majority of people are boys or men

This party is a total sausage fest! Let's call Sarah and have her bring some of her girlfriends over.

sausage fests
plural form of sausage fest
sausage meat
Ground, spiced, meat that can be stuffed in a sausage or used as a sausage patty
sausage meats
plural form of sausage meat
sausage parties
plural form of sausage party
sausage party
A gathering with many more men than women

The audience at Warped, unlike the sausage party you get at a typical ground-level punk show, is half-female, maybe more.

sausage roll
A short piece of sausage meat baked in a roll of pastry
sausage sizzle
A barbecue held for fundraising purposes
sausage jockey
A homosexual male. Derog. [1990s]
sausage curl
a fat sausage-shaped curl
sausage dog
a dachshund
sausage dog
informal term
sausage meat
Sausage meat is minced meat, usually pork, mixed with other ingredients and used to make sausages. the soft meat mixture that is used to make sausages
sausage meat
{i} seasoned minced meat used to fill sausages or cooked as patties
sausage meat
any meat that is minced and spiced and cooked as patties or used to fill sausages
sausage pizza
tomato and cheese pizza with sausage
sausage roll
A sausage roll is a small amount of sausage meat which is covered with pastry and cooked. a piece of sausage meat surrounded by pastry
sausage roll
sausage meat rolled and baked in pastry
sausage roll
sausage rolled and baked in pastry
sausage tree
A tropical African tree (Kigelia pinnata) having pinnately compound whorled leaves, large scarlet bell-shaped flowers borne on loose drooping clusters, and long gourdlike fruit suspended on stalks more than 1 meter (approximately 40 inches) long
Cumberland sausage
A traditional long English sausage made from chopped pork with pepper and herbs
Glamorgan sausage
A traditional Welsh vegetarian sausage whose main ingredients are cheese (now usually Caerphilly), leeks, and breadcrumbs
Lincolnshire sausage
A distinctive English pork sausage originating in Lincolnshire, seasoned with herbs (especially sage) and having an open, chunky texture from the pork being coarsely ground rather than minced
Vienna sausage
The smoked link sausage type wiener (short for wienerwurst), associated with the Austrian capital Vienna

Spicy but delicate Vienna sausages are eaten with various dishes such as sauerkraut or as a snack on itself, with or without relish.

blood sausage
a cooked sausage made out of meat (most often pork), blood and various other regional ingredients
farmer's sausage
Smoked raw pork sausage of Mennonite origin
kilted sausage
A sausage wrapped in bacon, traditionally served for Christmas dinner in Scotland and parts of England
liver sausage
Spreadable sausage made with liver
not a sausage
absolutely nothing, none of something

I've just looked through our accounts, and it's not good. We've got nothing, not a sausage.

party sausage roll
A small sausage roll intended as a party snack
summer sausage
Sausage cured to the extent that it requires no refrigeration
A sausage
A sausage
Vienna sausage
A small sausage resembling a frankfurter, often served as an hors d'oeuvre
blood sausage
a black sausage containing pig's blood and other ingredients
blood sausage
{i} blood pudding, black pudding, dark sausage made mainly of pig's blood
blood sausage
A link sausage made of pig's blood, diced pork fat, and other ingredients such as onions and breadcrumbs. Also called blood pudding
bologna sausage
{i} large beef or pork smoked sausage
liver sausage
a cooked soft sausage made from liver
not a sausage
not a bit, not a drop
pork sausage
sausage containing pork
plural of sausage
smoked sausage
sausage that has a special taste and has gone through a special process known as smoking
vienna sausage
short slender frankfurter usually with ends cut off



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    /ˈsôsəʤ/ /ˈsɔːsəʤ/


    [ so-sij ] (noun.) 15th century. From Old Northern French saussiche (Old and modern French saucisse), from late Latin salsicia, feminine singular form of *salsicius, from salsus (“salted”).

    Günün kelimesi

    sub rosa