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İngilizce - Türkçe
İngilizce - İngilizce
Of or pertaining to Satan, the Devil
Related to or showing typical signs of LaVeyan Satanism
suggestive of Satan or the devil
evil, fiendish, devilish or diabolical
{a} devilish, infernal, hellish
of or relating to Satan; "Satanic verses
of or relating to Satan; "Satanic verses"
Something that is satanic is considered to be caused by or influenced by Satan. satanic cults. satanic ritual
extremely evil or cruel; expressive of cruelty or befitting hell; "something demonic in him--something that could be cruel"; "fires lit up a diabolic scene"; "diabolical sorcerers under the influence of devils"; "a fiendish despot"; "hellish torture"; "infernal instruments of war"; "satanic cruelty"; "unholy grimaces"
Of or pertaining to Satan; having the qualities of Satan; resembling Satan; extremely malicious or wicked; devilish; infernal
{s} pertaining to Satan, pertaining to Lucifer; characteristic of Satan, devilish, wicked, diabolical, demonic
satanic ritual abuse
Any form of physical, sexual, or psychological mistreatment that involves the use of satanic ritual
Satanic Verses
a novel by Salman Rushdie which caused great offence to people whose religion is Islam and caused the Ayatollah Khomeini to give a fatwa, which was an order that Rushdie should be killed (1988)
In the way of a satanist
In the way Satan would
in a manner characteristic of Satan, devilishly, diabolically, wickedly, demonically