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İngilizce - Türkçe
{s} kumlu

Mary'nin kumlu sarı saçları vardır. - Mary has sandy blonde hair.

Tom kumlu plajda Mary'nin yanına oturdu. - Tom sat down next to Mary on the sandy beach.

(saç) kum rengi
(isim) İskoçyalı
{i} İskoçyalı
kum rengi sandinesskumlu olma
{s} saman sarısı (saç)
kumdan oluşan
{s} kumluk
{s} sarımsı kızıl
{s} kum rengi
kum rengi/kumlu
{s} kum gibi

Birkaç çocuk kumsalda oynuyor. - Several children are playing on the sandy beach.

Polonya'nın bütün Baltık kıyıları kumsallardan oluşur. - The whole Baltic coast of Poland is made up of sandy beaches.

sandy marl
kumlu marn
sandy bar
kumlu bar
sandy swamps
kumlu bataklık
sandy desert
kumlu çöl
sandy desert
kum çölü
sandy seashore
fine sandy
ince kumlu
kumlu olma
great sandy desert
büyük kum çölü
is the beach pebbly or sandy
kumsal taşlık mı kum mu
İngilizce - İngilizce
Shortened form of Sand Dancer
A diminutive of the male given name Alexander
The A-1 Sky Raider aircraft
A diminutive of the female given names Sandra and Alexandra
A small town in Bedfordshire, England
Having the colour of sand

sandy colour:.

Like sand, especially in texture
Sprinkled with sand
Covered with sand
diminutive of Alexander
diminutive of Sandra or Alexandra
{i} female first name (short form of Sandra)
When a golfer still makes their par after escaping from a sand hazard
Describes dry, light, free-draining soil, low in nutrients, derived from quartz or sandstone
composed of or covered with relatively large particles; "granular sugar"; "gritty sand"
(aka: "sand save") holing the ball in just two shots from a green side bunker
Getting the ball up and down from a bunker
Sandy hair is light orangey-brown in colour
Pokémon that can manipulate sand and dust particles from the ground Skills: Sandstorm
abounding in sand; "Florida's sandy beaches"
resembling or containing sand; or growing in sandy areas; "arenaceous limestone"; "arenaceous grasses"
(used of soil) loose and large-grained in consistency; "light sandy soil"
{s} gritty, grainy; covered with sand; having the color of sand; unstable; red-headed, having golden hair
has more sand than any other ingredient, but also loam and clay Add organic materials every year
Of the color of sand; of a light yellowish red color; as, sandy hair
A sandy area is covered with sand. long, sandy beaches
of hair color; pale yellowish to yellowish brown; "flaxen locks"
(also "sand save") holing the ball in just two shots from a green side bunker Example: I had/made a nice sandy/sand save from a deep greenside bunker yesterday
The middle sister Cody's mother
Consisting of, abounding with, or resembling, sand; full of sand; covered or sprinkled with sand; as, a sandy desert, road, or soil
(i) Texture group consisting of sand and loamy sand textures See also soil texture (ii) Family particle-size class for soils with sand or loamy sand textures and
abounding in sand; "Florida's sandy beaches
Textural classes are loamy sand and sand (Steen and Roberts 1988)
Sandy Bar
popular Israeli model and screen actress
Sandy Hook
A low peninsula of eastern New Jersey at the entrance to Lower New York Bay. It separates Sandy Hook Bay from the Atlantic Ocean and was first explored by Europeans in 1609
Sandy Koufax
in full Sanford Koufax orig. Sanford Braun born Dec. 30, 1935, New York, N.Y., U.S. U.S. baseball pitcher. Koufax's mother divorced when he was young, and he took the name of his stepfather. In his youth he played sports at the Jewish community centres in his native Brooklyn, and in high school he was known more as a basketball player than as a baseball player. He attended the University of Cincinnati on a basketball scholarship before joining the Brooklyn (later Los Angeles) Dodgers in 1955 as a left-handed thrower with a blazing fastball and a sharp breaking curveball. Once he gained control of his pitches he set several season records for strikeouts (including 382 in 1965), and his career average of one strikeout per inning is a rare accomplishment. In 1965 he pitched his fourth no-hit game, until 1981 a major-league record; the fourth no-hitter was also a perfect game (no player reached first base). Despite his early retirement in 1966 because of arthritis, he is regarded as one of baseball's greatest pitchers
Sandy Springs
An unincorporated community of northwest Georgia, a suburb of Atlanta. Population: 67,842
sandy mushroom
an edible agaric that fruits in great clusters (especially in sandy soil under cottonwood trees)
Big Sandy Creek
A river rising in central Colorado and flowing about 322 km (200 mi) east-northeast and southeast to the Arkansas River
Great Sandy Desert
A vast arid area of northwest Australia north of the Gibson Desert. Wasteland, northern Western Australia. It extends from Eighty Mile Beach on the Indian Ocean eastward into the Northern Territory and from the Kimberley Downs south to the Tropic of Capricorn and the Gibson Desert. An arid expanse of salt marshes and sand hills, it roughly coincides with the sedimentary Canning basin. Canning Stock Route (1,000 mi [1,600 km] long) spans the region from Wiluna via Lake Disappointment to Halls Creek
great sandy desert
a desert region in northwestern Australia north of the Gibson Desert
comparative of sandy
superlative of sandy
The quality or state of being sandy, or of being of a sandy color
{i} grittiness, graininess; state of being covered with sand; quality of having the color of sand; instability, unsteadiness
a texture resembling that of sand
The property of containing or resembling sand



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    /ˈsandē/ /ˈsændiː/


    [ 'san-dE ] (adjective.) before 12th century. sand +‎ -y


    ... sandy beaches ...

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