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Английский Язык - Турецкий язык
{s} su götürmez
{s} tartışmasız
{s} itiraz kabul etmez
let smb. pass unchallenged
kimlik sormadan geçmesine izin vermek
let smth. pass unchallenged
göz yummak
let smth. pass unchallenged
ses çıkarmamak
Английский Язык - Английский Язык
Lacking experience due to lack of challenges; untested
Not having any challengers
If you say that someone's position of authority is unchallenged, you mean that it is strong and no one tries to replace them. He is the unchallenged leader of the strongest republic. the man who has led his party unchallenged for over thirty years
accepted without question; "undoubted evidence"
If you do something unchallenged, nobody stops you and asks you questions, for example about who you are or why you are doing it. I managed to walk around unchallenged for 10 minutes before an alert nurse spotted me
When something goes unchallenged or is unchallenged, people accept it without asking questions about whether it is right or wrong. These views have not gone unchallenged the unchallenged principle of parliamentary sovereignty
{s} that has not been challenged
accepted without question; "undoubted evidence

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    /ənˈʧalənʤd/ /ənˈʧælɪnʤd/


    (prefix.) Middle English, from Old English un-, on-, alteration of and- against; more at ANTE-.

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