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A course of violent, frenzied action
To move about wildly or violently
If people go on the rampage, they rush about in a wild or violent way, causing damage or destruction. The prisoners went on the rampage destroying everything in their way. to rush about in groups, acting in a wild or violent way rampage through (Perhaps from ramp (14-21 centuries), from ramper; RAMPANT). on the rampage rushing about in a wild and violent way, often causing damage
{i} riotousness, wild or frenzied behavior
Violent or riotous behavior; a state of excitement, passion, or debauchery; as, to be on the rampage
violently angry and destructive behavior
violently angry and destructive behavior act violently, recklessly, or destructively
ram·page rampages rampaging rampaged Pronounced for meaning 1., and for meaning 2..1. When people or animals rampage through a place, they rush about there in a wild or violent way, causing damage or destruction. Hundreds of youths rampaged through the town, shop windows were smashed and cars overturned He used a sword to try to defend his shop from a rampaging mob
{f} run rampant, behave wildly, move about furiously
To leap or prance about, as an animal; to be violent; to rage
act violently, recklessly, or destructively
go on the rampage
To behave violently or to riot

The rioters went on the rampage and wrecked the townhall.

Violent and boisterous; unruly
go on the rampage
(deyim) Behave violently or to riot
go on the rampage
rush wildly about; have a fit of violent behavior
past of rampage
violent and boisterous
{s} behaving wildly, running rampant, moving about furiously
displaying raging violence; often destructive; "the hot rampageous horses of my will"- W
Characterized by violence and passion; unruly; rampant
{i} one who behaves wildly, one who moves about furiously, one who runs rampant
third-person singular of rampage
present participle of rampage