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Английский Язык - Турецкий язык
özellikle Sanskrit dili veya Hindu dini âlimi
{i} hintli bilge
{i} alim
{i} uzman
Английский Язык - Английский Язык
A professed expert in a particular field, as called upon to provide comment or opinion in the media
A scholar, teacher, master of an art, or learned person

Pundits in black gowns, with spectacles on their noses and undigested wisdom in their insides; bearded headmen of the wards; all these people and more also you might find in the white room.

A learned Hindu, a scholar, especially having knowledge of Sanskrit, philosophy, religion and law
Scholar Pundit-mon is the Mother's affectionate way of addressing a scholarly devotee, literally meaning "Scholar son"
The ultimate gliding accolade or term of friendly abuse depending on the way it is used
a Brahman versed in the Sanskrit language, and in the science, laws, and religion of the Hindoos; in Cashmere, any clerk or native official
A learned man Also used as a honorary title
A journalist or personality who frequently offers his or her perspective on national affairs in the media See also Talking Head
A scholar, teacher, or learned person
{i} one of great learning, expert; educated Brahman (in India)
A pundit is a person who knows a lot about a subject and is often asked to give information or opinions about it to the public. a well known political pundit. = expert. someone who is often asked to give their opinion publicly of a situation or subject political/media/TV etc pundits (pandit, from pandita )
someone who has been admitted to membership in a scholarly field
A learned man; a teacher; esp
The opinion or advice of a pundit
The state of being a pundit
plural of pundit