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Personal Information Management Applications such as Microsoft Outlook and Lotus Notes are generally considered as PIM applications
(Personal Information Manager) See PDA
Post Field Ministries: Includes: PRO=People Reaching Out (for resignee), VIP=Very Involved People (for retirees
Personal Information Management functionality started with the Filofax, with all your personal data held in paper form in a single package The personal organiser came along to store the data electronically with the ability to store thesame information on your PC and synchronise the two The same functionality is now finding its way into mobile phones, which also have the synchronisation capability
Protocol Independent Multicast
– (Protocol Independent Multicasting) PIM is a protocol used between routers to pass multicast routing information
Personal Information Manager PIMs, Personal Information Managers, are very small mobile computers ("handhelds") or applications, that are designed and programmed to hold an manage one%27s "Personal Information": adresses, appointed times, phone numbers, and so on
(Personal Information Management) Programs that log personal and business information such as appointments, contacts, notes, lists and memos
Personal Information Managers, for instance agenda and contacts applications
Acronym for Personal Information Manager The Microsoft® Outlook® software application is a PIM It contains an address book, and organizes information such as appointment, task, and notes Tour de Force was designed to enhance selected functionality in Outlook
Abbreviation for Particulate Inorganic Matter
Full Name: Personal Information Management Description: The goal of the PDA environment
Acronym for personal information manager An application that usually includes an address book and organizes unrelated information, such as notes, appointments, and names, in a useful way
passive intermodulation
A software feature that organizes frequently used information such as names, addresses, telephone numbers and appointments Many wireless phones come with built-in PIMs
Personal Information Manager
Personal Information Manager A variety of software that logs personal and business information, such as contacts, appointments, lists, notes, and occasions and is frequently embedded in PDA devices Also known as a "contact manager "
Software application akin to an appointment book that enables the user to organize personal information
An application or set of applications that organizes information such as addresses, appointments, and notes
A small furry animal which lives in Terra del Fuego Difficult to hunt, due to its nocturnal habit, the Pim is worth the chase Although a full grown pim dresses out at under two ounces, a dozen make a tasty treat Natives of Terra del Fuego often eat nothing else but pimburgers during the long cold summers in this wind swept land See also PDA (ed_black)
Personal Information Manager: Also known as a "contact manager," is a form of software that logs personal and business information, such as contacts, appointments, lists, notes, occasions, etc (Back to top )
personal information manager, a suite of programs including address book, diary, and scheduling functions
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Mobilyalardaki cam rafları taşımak için yan tablalara yerleştirilen kapsüllerin içine takılan silindirik, yassı ve L biçimli raf taşıma aleti
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