drag out

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To haul or bring out forcefully or as though with force

She dragged out her old Spanish textbooks in an attempt to prepare for her trip.

To extend or lengthen excessively

I don't want to drag out this talk, so I'll stop unless you have questions.

If you drag something out, you make it last for longer than is necessary. The company was willing to drag out the proceedings for years Let's get it over with as soon as possible, rather than drag it out. = spin out
last unnecessarily long
proceed for an extended period of time; "The speech dragged on for two hours"
If you drag something out of a person, you persuade them to tell you something that they do not want to tell you. The families soon discovered that every piece of information had to be dragged out of the authorities
last for an overly long period of time; extract, remove, pull out of
= The solution that adheres to a workpiece removed from a bath
While the pointer is over the button, the mouse button is pressed and then rolls outside the button area
a knock-down-drag-out argument or fight is an extremely angry or violent one
drag out