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Английский Язык - Турецкий язык
yönetilen bölge
yönetme hakkı
(Askeri) müstemleke
yönetilen bölge/ülke
{i} egemenlik, hâkimiyet
{i} sahiplik
{i} hükümdara ait arazi
{i} idare
{i} hakimiyet

Düşünce alanında, saçmalık ve sapkınlık dünyanın ustaları olarak kalır, ve onların hakimiyeti ancak kısa süreler için askıya alınır. - In the sphere of thought, absurdity and perversity remain the masters of the world, and their dominion is suspended only for brief periods.

İnsanların hayvanlar ve kuşlar üzerinde hakimiyeti var mıdır? - Does mankind have dominion over animals and birds?

İngiliz uluslar topluluğuna bağlı bağımsız ülke
(Ticaret) sömürge ülke
dominion over
üzerinde mülkiyet hakkı
dominion over the earth
dünya egemenliği
territorial dominion
bölgesel idare
Английский Язык - Английский Язык
any of the self-governing nations of the British Commonwealth
power or the use of power; sovereignty over something
a kingdom, nation, or other sphere of influence
{n} sovereign authority, a territory
A supposed high order of angels; dominations
That which is governed; territory over which authority is exercised; the tract, district, or county, considered as subject; as, the dominions of a king
Dominion is control or authority. They truly believe they have dominion over us
[See Arms of Dominion, under ARMS ]
See Domination, 3
Locomotive with 4-4-4 wheel arrangement (refer Whyte)
dominance or power through legal authority; "France held undisputed dominion over vast areas of Africa"; "the rule of Caesar"
{i} rule, sovereignty, mastery, control
A name applied to self-governing divisions of the British Empire owing allegiance to the crown
Sovereign or supreme authority; the power of governing and controlling; independent right of possession, use, and control; sovereignty; supremacy
Superior prominence; predominance; ascendency
A dominion is an area of land that is controlled by a ruler. The Republic is a dominion of the Brazilian people
a region marked off for administrative or other purposes
A country which was part of the British Empire, but had its own government
one of the self-governing nations in the British Commonwealth dominance or power through legal authority; "France held undisputed dominion over vast areas of Africa"; "the rule of Caesar
A dominion is a group of Realm Characters controlled by a single player A Dominion also includes any properties, structures, ships, or other possessions which are possessed by Realm Characters under that Dominion
The domain of Christianity and the Church This is generally unsympathetic to magi A Dominion aura makes magic more difficult to perform
control; highest authority
one of the self-governing nations in the British Commonwealth
Also used figuratively; as, the dominion of the passions
Dominion Day
July 1, observed in Canada in commemoration of the formation of the Dominion in 1867. a national holiday in Canada, in memory of the beginning of the Dominion of Canada in 1867
Dominion Day
Canadian holiday celebrating the Dominion's formation on July 1st 1867, Canada Day
Dominion Resources
large American company headquartered in Virginia (USA), holding company of Virginia Electric and Power Co. and Dominion Energy Inc
dominion day
In Canada, a legal holiday, July lst, being the anniversary of the proclamation of the formation of the Dominion in 1867
dominion day
a legal holiday in Canada commemorating receiving Dominion status in 1867
an old British name, which is no longer used, for the countries of Australia, Canada, and New Zealand, which had their own governments but were still part of the British Empire in the early part of the 20th century
plural of dominion
old dominion
Virginia; a name of uncertain origin, perh
old dominion
from the old designation of the colony as "the Colony and Dominion of Virginia

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    /dəˈmənyən/ /dəˈmɪnjən/


    [ d&-'mi-ny&n ] (noun.) 14th century. From Middle English dominion, from Middle French dominion, from Medieval Latin dominio, equiv. to Latin dominium (“lordship, right of ownership”), from dominus (“lord”), from domus (“house”). See domain, demain, demesne.


    ... total dominion over their computers, you immediately get to the moment where users can't trivially ...

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