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Mary yıldız şeklinde kurabiye kesici kullanarak biraz yıldız biçimli zencefilli kurabiye yaptı. - Mary made some star-shaped gingerbread cookies using a star-shaped cookie cutter.

{i} kesici alet, kesici: wire cutters tel makası
(Tekstil) kesimci
(Askeri) KESİCİ: Deniz mayın savaşında, mayınların ve engellerin çapalarını kesmek veya koparmak amacıyla mayın tarama teline takılan bir alet. Bu alet mayın tarama aletini koparmak amacıyla mayınların veya engellerin çapalarına da takılır
revenue cutter gümrük gözetme botu
{i} den. kotra
hafif tek atlı kızak
{i} kesme makinesi
{i} kotra
{i} makasçı
{i} (belirli bir şeyi) kesen kimse
beş çifte filika
{i} keski
(Tekstil) bıçak
{i} montaj asistanı
{i} sahil koruma botu [amer.]
sahil koruma botu
cutter loader
kesici yükleyici
cutter stock
Fuel oil ve motorini inceltmek için kullanılan bir madde
cutter disk
(İnşaat) kesici çark
cutter disk
(İnşaat) kesme çarkı
cutter holder
(Tekstil) bıçak tutucusu
cutter lock lever
(Tekstil) bıçak emniyet kolu
cutter locking device
(Tekstil) bıçak emniyet tertibatı
cutter machine
biçimlendirme makinesi
biscuit cutter
(Gıda) bisküvi kalıbı
revenue cutter
gümrük muhafaza gemisi
rock cutter
(Askeri) kaya kesici
angle cutter
açı freze bıçağı
angular cutter
köşeli freze
bolt cutter
cıvata keskisi
chaff cutter
saman bıçağı
chaff cutter
saman kesici
coel cutter
kömür kesici
cope cutter
zıvana bıçağı
crystal cutter
kristal kesici
diamond cutter
elmas keski
gear cutter
dişli frezesi
glass cutter
cam elması
magnetic cutter
manyetik kesici
milling cutter
freze bıçağı
paper cutter
mektup açacağı
pipe cutter
boru kesicisi
stone cutter
taş kesme makinesi
glass cutter
T-slot cutter
(Mühendislik) yarık freze bıçağı, T-kanalı açma bıçağı
angle milling cutter
(Mühendislik) açı frezesi, konik freze bıçağı
top kesici
box cutter
Maket Bıçağı
cheese cutter
peynir kesici
cigar cutter
puro makası
coal cutter
kömür kesici
diamond cutter
die cutter
die kesici
drum cutter
silindir gövdeli pancar kesme makinesi
electronic cutter
elektronik kesici
end-mill cutter
(Mühendislik) parmak freze
ensilage cutter
mısır sapı kesen alet
face milling cutter
(Mühendislik) alın frezesi, alın işleme çıkışı
(Mühendislik) yaprak çakı
form milling cutter
(Mühendislik) modül freze bıçağı, profil frezesi
gear cutter
dişli frezesi, dişli tezgâhı
milling cutter
(Mühendislik) freze çakısı
paper cutter bar
giyotin bar
pattern cutter
kalıp kesici
pizza cutter
Pizza kesici
plain milling cutter
(Mühendislik) silindirik freze bıçağı
rotary cutter
Rotatif kesici, döner kesici
saw milling cutter
(Mühendislik) testere ağızlı freze çakısı
saw type cutter
(Mühendislik) testere tipi çakı
shank cutter
(Mühendislik) parmak freze
side milling cutter
(Mühendislik) silindirik alın freze bıçağı
single-angle cutter
tek acılı kesici
straw cutter
saman kesme makinesi
sword cutter
kılıç kesici
thread cutter
dış açma makinesi
tool cutter
(Mühendislik) kalem
tool cutter edge angle
(Mühendislik) ayar acısı
wire cutter
tel makası
Coast Guard Cutter
(Askeri) Sahil Güvenlik Kesicisi
Spindle cutter
(Tekstil) İğ bıçağı
Yarn cutter
(Tekstil) İplik kesici
anvil cutter
demirci keskisi
bale hoop cutter
(Tekstil) balya açacağı
bolt cutter
cıvata kesici
bucket side cutter
kepçe kenar bıçağı
cane cutter
boru keskisi
casing cutter
boru keskisi
chaff cutter
saman makinesi
chaff cutter
ot kesme bıçağı
convex cutter
dışbükey kesici
daisy cutter
tırıs giden atın hafifçe ayaklarını kaldırması
daisy cutter
yerden giden top
diamond cutter
disk cutter
diskli kesici
flame cutter
alevli kesici
flame cutter
kesme hamlacı
glass cutter
cam keskisi
glass cutter
cam kesen usta
grass cutter
çim makinesi
grass cutter
çim kesme makinesi
hair cutter
saç kesim makinesi
hedge cutter
çalı makası
inserted tooth cutter
(Mekanik) değişebilir ağızlı çakı
inserted tooth cutter
(Mekanik) çanak freze
medium endurance cutter
(Askeri) orta seyir kotrası
milling cutter operator
module milling cutter
modül freze bıçağı
paper cutter
giyotin (kâğıt)
rotary cutter
(Tekstil) döner kumaş kesici
rotary cutter
döner kesici
rotary cutter
rotatif freze
selvedge cutter
(Tekstil) kenar kesici
side cutter
(İnşaat) yan keski
sprocket gear cutter
dişli freze bıçağı
tailor's cutter
tape cutter
(Tekstil) biye kesici
thread cutter
vida açar
thread cutter
diş açma makinesi
vertical cutter
dikey makas
wire cutter
(isim) tel makası
Английский Язык - Английский Язык
A cut fastball
A heavy-duty motor boat for official use

a coastguard cutter.

A person who practices self-injury
A ship's boat, used for transport ship-to-ship or ship-to-shore
A single-masted, fore-and-aft rigged, sailing vessel with at least two headsails, and a mast set further aft than that of a sloop
A light sleigh drawn by one horse

Throughout much of the winter, the sled or the cutter was the vehicle of choice. Emily and Joseph had a cutter, for traveling in style in snow.

A person or device that cuts
A ball that moves sideways in the air, or off the pitch, because it has been cut
A ten pence piece. So named because it is the coin most often sharpened by prison inmates to use as a weapon
{n} one who cuts, a swift-sailing vessel
A boat used by ships of war
A ships boat, used for transport ship-to-ship or ship-to-shore
A term that refers to anybody, male or female, that a person wants It does suggest a certain amount of resourcefulness or daring, and so it's a lot better than calling someone a berk
That which cuts; a machine or part of a machine, or a tool or instrument used for cutting, as that part of a mower which severs the stalk, or as a paper cutter
cutting cloth for garments someone who carves the meat
someone who carves the meat
a quilt that is so badly worn or damaged in some areas as to be sold for the purpose of cutting it up into pillows, dolls, or other craft items
a sailing vessel with a single mast set further back than the mast of a sloop
a cutting implement; a tool for cutting a sailing vessel with a single mast set further back than the mast of a sloop someone whose work is cutting as e
A ruffian; a bravo; a destroyer
The cutting tool
Similar to a sloop except sails are arranged so that many combinations of areas may be obtained
someone whose work is cutting (as e g cutting cloth for garments)
A sailboat capable of flying two jibs at the same time
A long narrow flat
one who cuts out garments
A mechanical device (e g , rotary or guillotine) used to cut labels or tags into individual pieces following printing
A cutter is a tool that you use for cutting through something. a pastry cutter. wire cutters
The player returning the serve
A cutter is a person who cuts or reduces something. He has been using every opportunity to boost his credibility as a budget cutter
An officer in the exchequer who notes by cutting on the tallies the sums paid
A fore tooth; an incisor
A very sharp-breaking hook
{i} fast boat; someone or something which cuts; cutting tool (i.e. knife)
a person who cuts him or herself out of angst
a cutting implement; a tool for cutting
One who cuts; as, a stone cutter; a die cutter; esp
Machine for accurately cutting stacks of paper to desired dimensions can also be used to crease Also trims out final bound books' top size (soft cover)
a person who edits the film or works in a film-editing department; also known as the film editor
A cut fastball (one with a late break to it)
A complimentary term that refers to anybody, male or female It suggests a certain amount of resourcefulness or daring, and so it's a lot better than calling someone a berk
One who fells, limbs, tops, and/or bucks trees
Glass cutter, normally a small steel or carbide wheel mounted in a pencil or gun shaped handle Must be lubricated often
someone who cuts or carves stone
Single-masted sailboat similar to a sloop, but with the mast farther aft to allow for a double headsail
a boat for communication between ship and shore
A small armed vessel, usually a steamer, in the revenue marine service; also called revenue cutter
A heavy-duty motor boat for official use, e.g. a coast-guard cutter
A kind of soft yellow brick, used for facework; so called from the facility with which it can be cut
Sharp-breaking hook which seems to slice the pins down
A sailboat with one mast and rigged a mainsail and two headsails Also see sloop Search by: KeywordTitleAuthor Sailing Books All Sailing Terms Cool Stuff Boat Building Photos Suggestions Home(D)
A small, light one-horse sleigh
A cutter is narrower end deeper than a sloop of the same length, and depends for stability on a deep keel, often heavily weighted with lead
A single-masted, fore-and-aft-rigged, sailing vessel with at least two headsails, and a mast set further aft than that of a sloop
A fast sailing vessel with one mast, rigged in most essentials like a sloop
someone who cuts off something
cutter stock
Ingredient used to reduce the concentration of an active material to achieve a desirable and beneficial effect
cutter head
{i} rotating head forming a cutter (machinery)
bolt cutter
A metal tool resembling a large pair of pliers used to cut or sheer bolts
cigar cutter
A tool used to cut the end off of a cigar so that it may be smoked
cookie cutter
A device used to cut flattened dough into shapes before baking
Of or pertaining to cookie cutters
Looking or seeming identical; created by some standard or common means; often with the implication that the result is common, boring, or not applicable to all needs

I don't think a cookie-cutter solution will work in all cases.

daisy cutter
The BLU-82 bomb, for its ability to flatten a forest into a helicopter landing zone
daisy cutter
A well-struck ground ball
diamond cutter
a professional wrestling move in which the wrestler takes the opponent's neck and drops him to the mat
diamond cutter
a craftsman who cuts diamonds
glass cutter
A hand tool used for scoring a piece of glass so that it can be snapped cleanly in two
leaf-cutter ant
Any of the 41 species of ants in the genera Atta and Acromyrmex, that cut fragments from leaves and takes them to its colony's nest
leaf-cutter ants
plural form of leaf-cutter ant
leaf-cutter bee
A bee of the family Megachilidae that cuts fragments from leaves and uses them to build its nest
leg cutter
a ball bowled by a fast bowler who uses finger spin to move the ball from leg to off (for a right-handed batsman)
negative cutter
A person whose profession is negative cutting and cuts and matches motion picture negatives using film splicers and film cement
off cutter
a ball bowled by a fast bowler who uses finger spin to move the ball from off to leg (for a right-handed batsman)
solfrino cutter
A melon scoop or melon baller
cast cutter
(Tıp, İlaç) An electrically powered vibrating saw used to cut through plaster or synthetic casts; cast saw
rotary cutter
A machine which produces veneer by rotating a log longitudinally against a blade
bolt cutter
an implement for cutting bolts
box cutter knife
{i} metal or plastic flat knife with retractable blades, Stanley knife
chaff cutter
machine used to cut up straw into chaff for animal feed
cheese cutter
a kitchen utensil (board or handle) with a wire for cutting cheese
cigar cutter
an implement for cutting the tip off of a cigar
coal cutter
machine used for cutting kerf
cookie cutter
A device for cutting flattened cookie dough into shapes before baking. 'cookie .cutter an instrument that cuts cookies into special shapes before you bake them. almost exactly the same as other things of the same type, and not very interesting
cookie cutter
a kitchen utensil used to cut a sheet of cookie dough into desired shapes before baking
having the same appearance (as if mass-produced); "a suburb of cookie-cutter houses
having the same appearance (as if mass-produced); "a suburb of cookie-cutter houses"
plural of cutter
daisy cutter
a batted or served ball that skims along close to the ground
daisy cutter
a bomb with only 10 to 20 per cent explosive and the remainder consisting of casings designed to break into many small high-velocity fragments; most effective against troops and vehicles
daisy cutter
ball rolled in a certain manner so that it remains close to the ground (in cricket)
diamond cutter
{i} artisan who cuts diamonds; person who is proficient in the art of forming and shaping diamonds as gems; tool used to cut diamonds
egg cutter
kitchen utensil for slicing hard-boiled eggs
garment cutter
someone who cuts cloth etc to measure in making garments
garment cutter
to measure in making garments
garment cutter
someone who cuts cloth etc
gem cutter
one who cuts and shapes precious stones
glass cutter
a tool for cutting glass someone who cuts flat glass to size someone who cuts or grinds designs on glass
glass cutter
person who cuts glass; tool for cutting glass
leaf-cutting bee: bee that cuts rounded pieces from leaves and flowers to line its nest
paper cutter
A device for trimming paper to desired dimensions, typically a ruled board with a long pivoted cutting knife attached to one side
paper cutter
a cutting implement for cutting sheets of paper to the desired size
pipe cutter
a hand tool for cutting pipe
device for shaping the outer part of a screw, device that carves the ridges in a screw
tile cutter
Special machine used to cut ceramic tile
tile cutter
The tile cutter is one of the most efficient and economic tools in the tile setting trade A popular model is the hand-drawn tile cutting board that is adjustable
tile cutter
a cutter (tool for cutting) for floor tiles
wire cutter
an edge tool used in cutting wire
wire cutter
{i} instrument resembling scissors that is used to cut through wire

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