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Bir danışman olarak çalışıyorum. - I work as a consultant.

Seni bir danışman olarak çalıştırmak istiyorum. - I'd like to hire you as a consultant.

{i} danışman, müşavir
(Tıp) Müşavir hekim (doktor), konsültan
baş hekim
danışman doktor
(Politika, Siyaset) müsteşar
{i} uzman doktor
{i} mütehassıs
danışman/danışman doktor
bilir kişi
consultant agency
Danışmanlık acentesi
learning consultant
(Eğitim) eğitim danışmanı
senior consultant
(Ticaret) uzman danışman
business consultant
işletme danışmanı
management consultant
yönetim müşaviri
management consultant
idari müşavir
security consultant
güvenlik danışmanı
sub consultant
taşaron müşavir
tax consultant
vergi müşaviri
customer consultant
müşteri danışmanı
detective consultant
Danışman Dedekjtif
educational consultant
Eğitim danışmanı
financial consultant
Mali Müşavir
legal consultant
Hukuk müşaviri
military consultant
askeri danışman
production consultant
(Film) Prodüksiyon Danışmanı
public relations consultant
(Film) Halkla ilişkiler danışmanı, basın danışmanı
recruitment consultant
İşe alım danışmanı
sales consultant
Satış danışmanı
senior consultant
systems consultant
sistemleri danışmanı
trade mark consultant
marka danışmanı
customs consultant
gümrük danışmanı
managing consultant
(Ticaret) yönetim kurulu danışmanı
real estate consultant
emlak danışmanı
Английский Язык - Английский Язык
a person or party that is consulted
a person whose occupation is to be consulted for their expertise, advice, or help in an area or specialty. Alternatively, a party whose business is to be similarly consulted
A resource person who provides assistance to the regular personnel through conference, demonstration, research, or other means There are two types of consultants; those retained on a temporary basis and those who are permanently employed
A person who is engaged to give professional advice or services for a fee, but is not acting as an employee
Any firm, or individual, joint venture or team of firms and/or individuals (including any sub-consultants enlisted by the consultant) with which the City contracts for design, management, or other consulting services relating to the public works projects
A professional individual or firm hired by XXXXXXXXX solely to give professional advice with respect to the planning of specified tasks
Professional firm and/or individual hired by the owner or client to give professional advise
a party engaged to give professional advice or services for a fee, but not as an employee of the party that engages him or her
An individual brought into a project to provide expert advice in a particular field A consultant may be written into the budget of a grant
Third-party provider of specific skills, information and/or advice, such as a Communications consultant, Project Planning consultant, or PeopleSoft consultant
One who gives professional advice
An individual or organization outside the University of proven professional or technical competence who provides primarily professional or technical advice to the University
Insurance professional who, for a fee, offers advice on the benefits, advantages and disadvantages of various insurance policies Sells advice, not insurance
An independent specialist who can save your neck or get you into trouble, but usually the former Tries to make a living as best as possible Needs your support and you need theirs Hire one today
A committee professional staff person
– Any licensed engineering firm that is involved in the assessment of an environmentally contaminated site The consultant is hired by the Responsible Party
a specialist in a particular field who provides professional advice for a fee
a person whose occupation is to be consulted for their expertise, advice, or help in an area or
A consultant is an experienced doctor with a high position, who specializes in one area of medicine. Shirley's brother is now a consultant heart surgeon in Sweden
An upmarket contractor May provide HIGH LEVEL advice on RISK MANAGEMENT, STRATEGIC PLANNING, or CHANGE MANAGEMENT, or whatever is the current flavour of the month INNOVATION (Added March 1998)
In the context of this glossary, a consultant is a design professional usually employed by the architect, to help design a project, such as, a structural engineer, mechanical engineer, interior designer, etc
A participant, usually external to the University, whose participation does not require a sub-award or subcontract, and who is paid via a personal service agreement
A participant, either internal or external to the University, whose participation requires a sub-account or sub-contract, and who is paid via a personal services contract
A professional classification in which positions have as their predominant and essential function the responsibility to utilize advanced knowledge and expertise to advise program administrators regarding services or programs that are not directly administered by the state Consultants may advise program administrators regarding standards or requirements for licensure or funding for entities such as hospitals and day care centers that are regulated by the state, or may prescribe methods to implement or improve programs or services, such as curriculum standards for a school district Possession of a master's or doctorate degree and post-advanced degree experience in the profession is normally required Such classes are identified by the word "consultant" in the class title
An otherwise unemployable jerk, broght in by management to tell them the exact same things their underlings have been saying for months, but since they paid this guy somewhere between $100 and $500/hr to tell them, they are more likely to listen to his faulty advice than to listen to the faulty advice of their employees
Entity (individual, partnership or corporation) engaged to provide professional independent and expert advice or services A consultancy contract typically defines the nature and purpose of the task to be performed but does not detail how the task is to be performed
An individual who has experience and expertise in applying tools and techniques to resolve process problems and who can advise and facilitate an organization's improvement efforts
Someone who is hired to work on special projects or jobs and is paid by the day or by the hour
an expert who gives advice; "an adviser helped students select their courses"; "the United States sent military advisors to Guatemala"
{i} advisor, counselor
Individual hired to give professional advice or services for a fee, normally never an employee of the hiring institution Strict guidelines apply
A consultant is a person who gives expert advice to a person or organization on a particular subject. a team of management consultants sent in to reorganise the department
chainsaw consultant
A consultant or expert hired or brought in by a company or workplace in order to advise how to reduce the number of employees and remove the responsibility from the managers
image consultant
A person whose occupation is to advise others on visual appearance, and verbal and non-verbal communication
legal consultant
Legal adviser
senior consultant
A Chief Physician, also called Head Physician, Senior Consultant, Chief of Medicine, is a physician in a senior management position at a hospital or other institution. In many institutions, it's the title of the most senior physician, but it may also be used as the title of the most senior physician of a particular department within a larger institution. A Chief Physician generally is in charge of medical matters and often is the superior of other physicians (including Consultants or Attending physicians), but may also be in charge of other professional groups and areas of responsibility
Service Consultant
(Otomotiv) At many dealerships, the person responsible for receiving cars brought to the service department, in order to estimate the nature and cost of repairs and when the work will be completed
beauty consultant
someone who gives you advice about your personal appearance
beauty consultant
one who provides advice on how to improve one's appearance
business consultant
one who advises others in business matters
representatives of the buyers of insurance and employee benefits who owe allegiance to the buyers rather than to the organizations through which they place their clients' coverage Traditionally consultants have been compensated on the basis of fees charged to clients
Contractors who learn what your own people could have learned given the same time and money
people providing professional advice for a fee
individuals or groups who provide advice, support, or training for a fee
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The client's advisers on design, cost and other matters Such advisers might include project managers
plural of consultant
Independent entities engaged under a grant to provide a specific service or product (product purchase or fee-for-service) They are not employees of the grantee and no employer-employee relationship exists between the consultant and the grantee
fashion consultant
someone who advises you about fashionable clothing
financial consultant
A financial consultant is the same as a financial adviser
industry consultant
professional advisor on industrial matters
insurance consultant
professional advisor on insurance matters
management consultant
A management consultant is someone whose job is to advise companies on the most efficient ways to run their business. a leading firm of management consultants. someone who is paid to advise the management of a company how to improve their organization and working methods
management consultant
adviser to business about efficient management practices
media consultant
someone who advises about the use of communication media
media consultant
communications advisor
recruitment consultant
A recruitment consultant is a person or service that helps professional people to find work by introducing them to potential employers
security consultant
person who provides guidance and gives advice about alarm systems to prevent thefts
security consultant
an adviser about alarm systems to prevent burglaries
tax consultant
expert on tax regulations, accountant that specializes in taxes

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    [ k&n-s&l-t& ] (noun.) 1697. From French consultant, present participle of consulter Latin consultare (“to deliberate, consult”), frequentative of consulere (“to consult, deliberate, consider, reflect upon, ask advice”) com- (“together”) + -sulere, of uncertain origin.

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