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{i} havyar

Biftek ve havyar benim favori yemeklerim. - Steak and caviar are my favorite dishes.

Aslında havyar yemedi. - He hasn't actually eaten caviar.

{i} balık yumurtası
fish eggs
balık yumurtası
i., bak. caviar
(isim) havyar
fresh caviar
(Gıda) taze siyah havyar
golden caviar
(Denizbilim) altın havyar
how much caviar can i take through customs
gümrükten ne kadar havyar geçirebilirim
pressed caviar
(Gıda) sıkıştırılmış havyar
turkish red caviar
(Gıda) turna havyarı
Английский Язык - Английский Язык
roe of the sturgeon or other large fish, considered a delicacy
The roes of the sturgeon, prepared and salted; used as a relish, esp
Caviar is the salted eggs of a fish called a sturgeon. the preserved eggs of various large fish, eaten as a special very expensive food (Early caviari, from havyar, from kabiari). Eggs, or roe, of sturgeon preserved with salt. Most true caviar is produced in Russia and Iran, from fish taken from the Caspian and Black seas. The best grade, beluga, is prepared from large black or gray eggs; fresh beluga is relatively scarce and thus expensive. Caviar may be pasteurized for longer storage. Lesser grades are made from smaller, denser eggs. In the U.S., the roe of salmon, whitefish, lumpfish, and paddlefish is sometimes sold under the name caviar
roe of the sturgeon, considered a delicacy
in Russia
Fish roe (eggs) See “Sturgeon ”
expensive food, taken from certain fish
{i} fish eggs served as an appetizer
fish eggs
is sieved and lightly salted fish roe (eggs) The three main types are beluga, osetra and sevruga
The processed, salted eggs of a large fish (such as sturgeon); a delicacy
salted roe of sturgeon or other large fish; usually served as an hors d'oeuvre
cowboy caviar
Baked beans (various different recipes)
gauche caviar
A term used to describe someone who claims to be a socialist without feeling the need to espouse an appropriate lifestyle. It implies that the person is less than sincere in their beliefs. Hypocrisy is implied
{n} the spawn of sturgeon pickled
Texas caviar
(Slang) black-eyed peas
beluga caviar
roe of beluga sturgeon usually from Russia; highly valued
beluga caviar
appetizer made from the eggs of the white sturgeon (type of fish)
black caviar
type of caviar (fish eggs)
alternative spelling of caviar
{i} fish eggs served as an appetizer
in Russia
The roes of the sturgeon, prepared and salted; used as a relish, esp
red caviar
salmon roe, fish eggs eaten as a delicacy

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    /ˈkavēˌär/ /ˈkæviːˌɑːr/


    (noun.) circa 1560. From French caviar, from Turkish havyar, probably from Persian خاویار (khâvyâr), from خایه (khâye, “egg”).

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