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{i} tamamlayıcı tedavi
{i} salıverilme sonrası yardım
{i} tahliye sonrası yardım
{i} sonraki bakım
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The care given to a patient during recovery from an operation or after hospitalization
after·care in BRIT, also use after-care Aftercare is the nursing and care of people who have been treated in hospital, and who are now recovering. As part of the treatment, he attended 15 weeks of after-care Mr Lloyd specialised in aftercare services. care or treatment given to someone after they leave hospital, prison etc
care and treatment of a convalescent patient
Services that are administered following hospitalization or rehabilitation and are individualized for each patient's needs
individualized patient services required after hospitalization or rehabilitation
Services within an outpatient, daycare or residential modality, usually for clients returning to a community setting from an inpatient or institutional modality
The status of a juvenile conditionally released from a treatment or confinement facility and placed under supervision in the community
Services provided after hospitalization and rehabilitation
Services following hospitalization or rehabilitation, individualized for each patient's needs Aftercare gradually phases the patient out of treatment while providing follow-up attention to prevent relapse
A service now offered by some funeral homes for assisting families through the grieving process
Control, supervision, and care exercised over juveniles released from facilities through a stated release process It may include probation, counseling, enrollment in a community program, or any of many forms of treatment designed to lessen the chance that the youth will get in trouble again
maintenance of hairstyle and condition between visits to the salon
The care of former residents of residential facilities Aftercare has been provided for many groups over the past 200 years, mostly by private and voluntary organisations It became a local authority responsibility in all areas (except criminal justice in England, Wales and Northern Ireland) after 1948
{i} rehabilitation, treatment following an illness or injury
Patient services, customized to the individual, required after hospitalization or rehabilitation
i) the steps necessary to bring the land to the required standard for the planned afteruse (after MPG7) ii) The period prior to the granting of a certificate of completion during which maintenance and monitoring work is needed to ensure that the restored landfill does not cause pollution of the environment, harm to human health or adverse effects on local amenities iii)