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out of
-dan başka
From other

Dan promised Linda to stay away from alcohol. - Dan, Linda'ya alkolden uzak kalacağına dair söz verdi.

Dan needed money and sought financial relief from his father. - Dan'ın paraya ihtiyacı vardı ve babasından ekonomik destek istedi.


I would rather sing than dance. - Dans etmektense şarkı söylemeyi tercih ederim.

She likes dancing in a disco better than skiing. - Bir diskoda dans etmeyi kayak yapmaktan daha fazla sever.

Yüz güzelliği hamamdan eve öz güzelliği Urum'dan Şama
(Atasözü) Beauty is but skin deep
from the
dan sözlük
from dictionary
den dan
than from
A'dan Z'ye kadar
from A to Z, completely from A, every single one of ...: Bu dosyadakileri A'dan Z'ye kadar biliyorum. I know what's in this file from A to Z. A köse, sayılmadık kaç tel sakalın var? (Konuşma Dili) Come on now, who do you think you are? (said to someone who has a very exaggerated idea of his own importance)
{i} Dan
a'dan z'ye
from A to izzard
a'dan z'ye kadar
from soup to nuts
adem ve havva'dan gelen günah
original sin
ailesi japonya'dan gelmiş amerika doğumlu japon
ben amerika'dan geliyorum
I am from the USA
{e} off

Dan didn't even offer Linda a cup. - Dan bile Linda'ya bir fincan teklif etmedi.

Dan offered to help Linda repair her car. - Dan Linda'nın arabasını tamir etmesine yardım etmeyi önerdi.


Jig, reel and hornpipe are the most popular irish dances. - Jig, reel ve hornpipe en popüler İrlanda danslarıdır.

Linda was a popular exotic dancer in London. - Linda, Londra'da popüler bir egzotik dansçıydı.

dan dan
ding dong
dan diye
dan diye söylemek
(deyim) shoot from the hip
dan dun
Bang!Bang! (imitating the sounds of shooting)
dünyadan geçmek/dan el çekmek
to retire from the world, lose touch with life
herod'dan daha zalim olmak
out herod
inkâr etmek/dan gelmek
to deny
kargatulumba çıkarmak /ı, dan/(for several people)
to grab (someone) by his arms and legs, lift him up, and carry him out of (a place)
londra'dan gelen tren
down train
musa'dan kalma
rezervasyonumu londra'dan onaylatmıştım
I confirmed the reservation in London
sınava çekmek/dan geçirmek
to test (someone), give (someone) a test
İsa'dan sonra
anno Domini
İsa'dan önce
before Christ
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A protein that binds the 5' cap of mRNA and begins degradation in the 3' to 5' direction
Fifth son of Jacob, by his wife's handmaid Bilhah
A surname
A male given name of biblical origin
A nickname for Daniel
A title of respect: Sir, Master

Dan Chaucer, well of English vndefyled, / On Fames eternall beadroll worthie to be fyled.

One of the Israelite tribes, descended from Dan
An abbreviation used for the Book of Daniel, an Old Testament book of the Bible
An unwritten Sunda-Sulawesi language spoken in southwestern Sulawesi Island in Indonesia
Someone who has achieved a level of black belt
A rank of black belt in martial arts
dan buoy
A small buoy, made of cork with a small flag, used to temporarily mark a position at sea, normally to mark a fishing ground or a minesweeping area
diminutive of Daniel
In the Bible, a son of Jacob and the forebear of one of the tribes of Israel. Used formerly as a title of honor for respected men, such as clerics and poets
given name, male, from Hebrew
Fifth son of Jacob, by his wifes handmaid Bilhah
{i} one of the 12 tribes of Israel; male first name (form of Daniel) ;family name
Dan Aykroyd
(born 1952) Canadian comedian and film actor, co-star in the comedy film "The Blues Brothers
Dan Ben-Amotz
{i} (1924-1989) Israeli author
Dan Brown
{i} (born 1964) United States author of thriller fiction books, author of "The Da Vinci Code
Dan Dare
the main character in one of the stories in the British comic for boys called The Eagle, popular especially in the 1950s and 1960s. He is the brave captain of a spacecraft and has many exciting adventures, and his main enemy is the Mekon. Dan Dare
Dan Gable
born Oct. 25, 1948, Waterloo, Iowa, U.S. U.S. freestyle wrestler and coach. Gable never lost a wrestling match in his high school years. After an outstanding career at Iowa State University, he won the 1971 world and Pan-American championships. At the 1972 Olympics he won a gold medal, not losing a single point. From 1972 he coached at the University of Iowa, winning 9 consecutive national titles and 12 Big Ten championships; he coached the 1980 and 1984 U.S. Olympic wrestling teams
Dan Goldin
{i} Daniel Saul Goldin (born 1940), manager of the American space agency NASA (from 1992 to November 2001)
Dan Halutz
{i} (born 1948) 18th Chief of Staff of the Israel Defense Forces (2005-2007), Israeli Lieutenant General, former commander of the Israeli Air Force
Dan Hotels
network of luxury hotels in Israel
Dan Jr. Marino
born Sept. 15, 1961, Pittsburgh, Pa., U.S. U.S. gridiron football quarterback. Chosen by the Miami Dolphins in the first round of the 1983 NFL draft, he set all-time career records for passes completed (4,453 in 7,452 attempts), yards passing (55,416), and touchdown passes (385) and for 21 other categories. In 1984 he became the first quarterback to pass for more than 5,000 yards in a single season (5,084) and the first to complete over 40 touchdown passes (48) in a season
Dan Meridor
(born 1947) Israeli statesman and prominent leader of the Likud political party (served as minister in several Israeli governments)
Dan Naveh
(born 1960) Israeli politician, member of the Likud party, Minister in Israel's 15th parliamentary cabinet
Dan Quayle
born Feb. 4, 1947, Indianapolis, Ind., U.S. U.S. politician. After earning a law degree, he served as associate publisher of his family's Huntington Herald-Press (1974-76). He served two terms in the U.S. House of Representatives (1977-81) and two in the Senate (1981-89). Chosen as the Republican Party candidate for vice president in 1988, he was elected with George H.W. Bush. During his term, Quayle traveled abroad on goodwill missions but was criticized for various verbal gaffes. He and Bush ran for reelection in 1992 but were defeated. He briefly campaigned for the Republican nomination for president in 2000
Dan River
A river, about 290 km (180 mi) long, of southern Virginia and northern North Carolina flowing south and east to the Roanoke River
Desperate Dan
a character in the British comic The Dandy. He is a very large, friendly cowboy who eats very large meat pies called "cow pies". Dan does not realize how strong he is, and he often breaks things by accident
or Galdan born 1644?, Central Asia died May 3, 1697, East Turkistan Leader of the Dzungar tribes of Mongols, who built an empire that reached from Tibet in the southwest to the borders of Russia in the northeast. As a younger son of a powerful chief, Dga'l-dan was sent to Tibet, where he was trained as a Buddhist lama. His older brother's death gave Dga'l-dan the opportunity to exercise political power; he avenged the death and went on to conquer eastern Turkistan (modern Sichuan, China) and Outer Mongolia. He led his armies toward Beijing but was defeated by the Kangxi emperor, who personally led some 80,000 troops armed with Western artillery
Usman dan Fodio
born December 1754, Maratta, Gobir, Hausaland died 1817, Sokoto, Fulani empire Fulani mystic, philosopher, and revolutionary reformer. In a jihad (holy war) between 1804 and 1808, he created a new Muslim state, the Fulani empire, in what is now northern Nigeria. He stimulated the growth of Islam throughout the region and founded the important Sokoto caliphate. He also produced a large body of writings in Arabic and Fula that continue to enjoy wide circulation and influence
Degree (black belt ranking / Dan in Japanese)
Black belt rank
Black belt rank There are ten stations of Dan, as follows: Shodan - 1st dan (beginning dan) Nidan - 2nd dan Sandan - 3rd dan Yondan - 4th dan Godan - 5th dan Rokudan - 6th dan Nanadan - 7th dan Hachidan - 8th dan Kudan - 9th dan Judan -10th dan
(dahn) - an energy cluster which forms in the bodies of some cultivators in internal alchemy; in external alchemy, it is referred to as the "Elixir of Immortality "
Degree, grade level designation referring to black belt rank
A term used in the Japanese, Okinawan and Korean martial arts for anyone who has achieved the rank of at least first-degree black belt
Ninth son of Jacob, a tribe of Israel
(don) Black belt rank Example: Shodan, 1st black belt
indicated a degree of black belt
Data Analysis CSCI
(dahn) black belt rank
A term used in the Japanese martial arts for anyone who has achieved the rank of at least first-degree black belt
rank of black belt
A small truck or sledge used in coal mines
Rank or degree of a black belt Ranks lower than the black belt are called Kyu-degrees
One of the lotmen working for Roth Edmonds in Go Down, Moses ("The Fire and the Hearth")
A son of Jacob, and one of the twelve tribes of Israel See Chapter 9
Grade, rank As from first black belt degree First introduced by Jigoro Kano, Founder of modern JUDO
aikido grade holder, black belt rank
Grades from first degree black belt (shodan) forward that denote degrees of proficiency
Master level Higher numbers are better See Figure 4
black belt ranking, level
(dahn) Energy cluster in a cultivator's body, collected from other dimensions
Data Availability Notice
A title of honor equivalent to master, or sir
Black belt rank, from shodan (first degree) through judan (tenth degree) White belt ranks are called kyu ranks
dapper Dan
{i} (British Slang) well-dressed man
the Dan agglomeration
urban area including Tel Aviv and the vicinity
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Определение -dan в Турецкий язык Турецкий язык словарь

(Osmanlı Dönemi) (Baid. C.) Uzaklar, ırak yerler
(Osmanlı Dönemi) Arabca, Farsça veya bazı Türkçe kelimelerin sonuna takılarak, âlet ismi veya sıfat yapılır. Meselâ: Ateş-dan $ : Mangal. Cüz-dan $ : Cüz kabı, çanta
(Osmanlı Dönemi) Bir şeyi örtmek
(Osmanlı Dönemi) Devenin çok yelmesi
israil'in On iki Kabilesinden biri
dan dan
Kaba, kırıcı
dan dun
Karşılıklı atılan silâh seslerini anlatır
(Osmanlı Dönemi) f. şamdan
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dan dare
dan cesaret
desperate dan
umutsuz dan
from dan to beersheba
Birüssebi dan dan
(Askeri) Dalış Alarm Şebekesi (Diver's Alert Network)
{i} judo kuşak derecesi
{i} Dan
(Askeri) ŞAMANDIRA: Bir mevkii ya da deniz sahasını işaret şamandıraları ile belirlemek
dan buoy
(Askeri) İŞARET ŞAMANDIRASI: Mayın tarama harekatı sırasında mayın sahalarının sınırlarını, taranmış sahaları, bilinen tehlikeler ve diğer bölgeleri veya nirengi noktalarını belirlemekte kullanılan geçici işaret şamandıraları
dan runner
(Askeri) Bir gemiden açı ölçerek mevki koymak maksadıyla o gemiden muayyen bir mesafede ve istikamette aynı süratle seyreden gemi
datum dan buoy
(Askeri) Bir deniz mayın harbinde, bir coğrafi nirengi veya miyar olacak işaret şamandırasının daha görülebilir ve normal işaret şamandırasına nazaran daha güvenli bağlanmış olması gerekir