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İngilizce - Türkçe
(Askeri) Bak. "US Roland"
imparator Şarlmanın efsanevi yeğeni ve en yiğit şövalyelerinden biri
us roland
(Askeri) US ROLAND: Kısa menzilli, alçak irtifalı her türlü koşulda çalışabilen, Fransız-Alman Roland III güdümlü füze sistemlerini temel olarak geliştirilmekte olan kara kuvvetleri hava savunma topçusu için yerden havaya füze sistemi
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roland garr
Yüksek uçuşta birçok kez dünya rekoru kırmış, 1918'de bir hava savaşında ölmüş ve adı Fransa Açık Tenis Turnuvası'na verilmiş Fransız havacı subayı
İngilizce - İngilizce
A male given name
given name, male
A paladin of Charlemagne in medieval French romance
Barthes Roland Gérard Chanson de Roland Song of Roland Hanna William Denby and Barbera Joseph Roland La Galissonnière Roland Michel Barrin marquis de Roland de Lassus Petit Roland Smith David Roland
{i} male first name; family name; town in Iowa (USA)
Roland Garros
The French Open, one of the 4 events in the Grand Slam
Roland Barthes
born Nov. 12, 1915, Cherbourg, France died March 25, 1980, Paris French social and literary critic. His early books examined the arbitrariness of the constructs of language and applied similar analyses to popular-culture phenomena. He analyzed mass culture in Mythologies (1957). On Racine (1963) set off a literary furor, pitting him against more traditional French literary scholars. His later contributions to semiotics included the even more radical S/Z (1970); The Empire of Signs (1970), his study of Japan; and other significant works that brought his theories wide (if belated) attention in the 1970s and helped establish structuralism as one of the leading intellectual movements of the 20th century. In 1976 he became the first person to hold the chair of literary semiology at the Collège de France
Roland Petit
born Jan. 13, 1924, Villemomble, Fr. French dancer and choreographer. He danced with the Paris Opéra Ballet (1940-44) and then formed several companies, with which he toured Europe and the U.S. His dramatic ballets combined fantasy with elements of contemporary realism and included The Strolling Players (1945), The Young Man and Death (1946), and Carmen (1949). He choreographed dances for films in the 1950s, and he later staged revues featuring his wife, Zizi Jeanmaire. From 1973 to 1997 he was director of the Ballet de Marseille
Roland-Michel Barrin marquis de La Galissonnière
born Nov. 10, 1693, Rochefort, France died Oct. 26, 1756, Montereau French naval officer. While serving in the French navy (1710-36), he made several supply trips to New France and held various commands in the Atlantic. As commandant general of New France (1747-49), he sought unsuccessfully to fortify a link along the Ohio River between French Canada and the Louisiana settlements and to establish French settlements in Detroit and the Illinois country. In 1754 he was given command of a naval squadron assigned to protect French shipping from the Barbary pirates
Chanson de Roland
(English; "Song of Roland") Old French epic poem written 1100, the masterpiece and probably the earliest of the chanson de geste form. Its probable author was a Norman, Turold (Turoldus), whose name is introduced in its last line. It deals with the Battle of Roncesvalles (778), a skirmish against the Basques that the poem portrays as a heroic battle against the Saracens. Direct and sober in style, it highlights a clash between the recklessly courageous Roland and his prudent friend Oliver, which is also a conflict between divergent conceptions of feudal loyalty
David Roland Smith
born March 9, 1906, Decatur, Ind., U.S. died May 23, 1965, Albany, N.Y. U.S. sculptor. He learned to work with metal while employed at an automobile plant. In 1926 he went to New York City and took various jobs while studying painting at the Art Students League. His sculptures grew out of his abstract paintings, to which he attached so many bits of wood, metal, and found objects that they became virtual bases for sculptural superstructures. He became the first U.S. artist to make welded metal sculpture. In 1940 he moved to Bolton Landing, N.Y., and there made his large yet seemingly weightless metal sculptures until his death in a car crash. His abstract biomorphic and geometric forms are remarkable for their erratic inventiveness, stylistic diversity, and high aesthetic quality. His work greatly influenced Minimalist sculpture in the 1960s
William Denby; and Barbera Joseph Roland Hanna
born July 14, 1910, Melrose, N.M., U.S. died March 22, 2001, Hollywood, Calif. born March 24, 1911, New York, N.Y. U.S. animators. Both Hanna and Barbera joined MGM in 1937 and there collaborated to create the cartoon characters Tom and Jerry. From 1940 to 1957 they produced over 200 Tom and Jerry cartoons, 7 of which won Academy Awards. They founded Hanna-Barbera Productions in 1957 and collaborated on such popular television cartoon series as The Flintstones, Yogi Bear, and Huckleberry Hound
a Roland for an Oliver
good fight for the one received



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    /ˈrōlənd/ /ˈroʊlənd/


    [ 'rO-l&nd ] (noun.) From Germanic hrōd "fame" + land "land, territory". Name of a paladin of Charlemagne in medieval French romance.

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