rocky mountains

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İngilizce - Türkçe
kayalık dağlar
rocky mountain
kayalık dağ
İngilizce - İngilizce
A range of mountains running from Northern New Mexico to Alaska
the Rockies a long range of high mountains in North America which go from Alaska down to New Mexico, and separate the Midwest of the US from the West Coast. Many parts of the Rocky Mountains are popular places for tourists to visit, for camping, walking, climbing, and skiing. or Rockies Mountain system, western North America. It extends some 3,000 mi (4,800 km) from the Mexican frontier to the Arctic Ocean, through the western U.S. and Canada. The highest peak in the U.S. Rockies is Mount Elbert in Colorado, at 14,433 ft (4,399 m); in the Canadian Rockies it is Mount Robson in British Columbia, at 12,972 ft (3,954 m). The Continental Divide, located in the mountains, separates rivers flowing to the east and to the west. Wildlife includes grizzly bear, brown bear, elk, bighorn sheep, and cougar. The area is rich in deposits of copper, iron ore, silver, gold, lead, zinc, phosphate, potash, and gypsum. Rocky Mountain, Yellowstone, and Grand Teton national parks in the U.S. are major recreational facilities
mountain range in western North America extending from New Mexico to Alaska
Rockies: the chief mountain range of western North America; extends from British Columbia to northern New Mexico; forms the continental divide
rocky mountain
of or relating to or located on the Rocky Mountains
rocky mountains