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İngilizce - Türkçe
(Bilgisayar,Muzik) yankı
Müzik aletlerinde yankı
reverb time
(Bilgisayar) yankı süresi
reverb chorus
(Bilgisayar) yankı chorus
reverb delay
(Bilgisayar) yankı gecikmesi
reverb mix
(Bilgisayar) yankı karışımı
reverb room
(Bilgisayar) yankı odası
reverb volume
(Bilgisayar) yankı sesi
İngilizce - İngilizce
An electronic effect which simulates echoes or reverberations in the sound signal being processed
To echo
An effect that creates a reveberation type sound as you would find in different sized rooms The signal has reveberations added to it to mimic the acoustics of a hall, a room etc Controls to pick the amount of reverb as well as how much of the reverb'd signal enters the output Back
The persistence of an acoustic signal after the original signal has ceased
An emitted sound bouncing off any reflective surfaces
(Reverberation) Effect which may be added to sound effects during recording or to a voice during performance Sustains the sound longer than normal, as if the sound was reverberating around a large building (e g cathedral) Persistence of sound after the source has ceased
A naturally occurring effect consisting of many reflected sounds in an enclosed space, such as a room, large hall, or church Electronic reverb devices allow you to simulate the reverb effect, bringing your sounds to life
Short for reverberation, which is essentially "echo" When you hear an instrument being played you can also hear the echo of the instrument as the sound is reflected off walls and surfaces Adding reverb to a recorded musical instrument gives the effect of space
Reverb is a shaking or echoing effect that is added to a sound, often by an electronic device. The unit includes built-in digital effects like reverb
a short, recirculating delay effect used on some guitar amplifiers It is similar to echo, but instead of discrete, long delay repeats, it is a series of very short delays that add up to create a sense of spaciousness in the tone A spring unit with a sending transducer at one end and a receiving transducer at the other end is usually used as the delay unit, although some amplifiers use an analog or digital delay line
A type of digital signal processing that produces a continuous wash of echoing sound, simulating an acoustic space such as a concert hall Reverberation contains the some frequency components as the sound being processed, but no discrete echoes See echo, DSP
Accoustic ambiance created by multiple reflections in a confined space
Reverb is an effect that emulates what would happen to a sound with different surroundings A sound reverberates much more in a large hall than in a small room
An effect that simulates the sound of playing in a room or hall See Gadgets & Gizmos, July/Aug '93
Shortened form of reverberation A repeated echo Reverb can occur naturally, as in a large room, or it can be produced artificially through electronic processing
Rapid sound wave reflections that strike the ear drum within 40 milliseconds of the original sound If a sound reflects off of a wall that is close to our ears, we hear the reflections or reverb instantly as part of the richness of the original sound wave decay If a sound bounces off a hard reflective surface that is far away, we hear the reflection as a second distinct sound or echo This type of reflection is known as "delay "

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    /rēˈvərb/ /riːˈvɜrb/


    [ ri-'v&rb, 'rE-" ] (noun.) 1953. abbreviation of “reverberate”

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