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İngilizce - İngilizce
To unite again

Two of the members tried several times, but failed to reunite the band.

to unite or join again, as after separation
{v} to unite again or a second time
have a reunion; unite again
If people are reunited, or if they reunite, they meet each other again after they have been separated for some time. She and her youngest son were finally allowed to be reunited with their family She spent the post-war years of her marriage trying to reunite father and son The band will reunite for this show only
{f} unite again, reunify, rejoin, bring together again
If a divided organization or country is reunited, or if it reunites, it becomes one united organization or country again. a federation under which the divided island would be reunited His first job will be to reunite the army. when East and West Germany reunited. to come together again or to bring people, parts of an organization, political party, or country together again be reunited with sb
unify again, as of a country; "Will Korea reunify?"
To unite again; to join after separation or variance
Simple past tense and past participle of reunite
past of reunite
united again after being separated
third-person singular of reunite
present participle of reunite



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    /ˌrēo͞oˈnīt/ /ˌriːuːˈnaɪt/


    [ "rE-yu-'nIt ] (verb.) 15th century. Medieval Latin reunitus, past participle of reunire, from Latin re- + Late Latin unire to unite; more at UNITE.

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