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İngilizce - Türkçe
overnight repo
bir gecelik repo
securities subject to repo
(Ticaret) repo konusu menkul değerler
İngilizce - İngilizce
A source code repository
A repurchase agreement: a type of derivative which allows a borrower to use a financial security as collateral for a cash loan at a fixed interest rate
{i} something that has been repossessed (property, car or other item) because payments have not been fully or partially made; repossession of property or other item from the buyer who has failed payments; repurchase agreement for something
Another name for a repurchase agreement
Allocations of NERSC resources are made to repositories (repos for short), which are group accounts In general, a repo has many users, (each with an individual user account) working on a common scientific project, lead by a single PI Any charges incurred by a user must be drawn from the account belonging to some repo See the Accounts web page
A financial transaction in which one party "purchases" securities (primarily U S Government bonds) for cash and simultaneously the other party agrees to "buy" them back at some future time according to specified terms Municipal bond and note issuers have used repos to manage cash on a short term basis (Known formally as repurchase agreements )
(Repurchase Agreement) Purchase of Treasury securities from a securities dealer with an agreement that the dealer will repurchase them at a specified price
An agreement in which one party sells a security to another party and agrees to repurchase it on a specified date for a specified price See: Repurchase agreement
A contract in which the seller of securities, such as Treasury Bills, agrees to buy them back at a specified time and price Also called a repurchase agreement
{f} repossess property or other item (car, merchandise) because payments have not been fully or partially made
Reproduction - normally refers to accessories or cards
repo man
A man employed by a finance company or similar lender to repossess property which is the security for a loan or subject of a lease and where payments have not been made by the borrower/lessor at agreed times (ie. is in default)
repo men
plural form of repo man
repo man
someone whose job is to repossess (=take away) cars that have not been paid for (repossess)

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    /ˈrēpō/ /ˈriːpoʊ/


    [ 'rE-"pO ] (noun.) 1963. by shortening and alteration.


    ... Your car might drive itself to the repo yard. Or your high-rise apartment building may switch ...
    ... walk away to the repo depot without your consent, you will be totally screwed the day that muggers, ...

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