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İngilizce - İngilizce
able to give new life or vigor to
A term used to describe satellite systems/transponders that recover the original signals from the modulated signals received from the ground, process them in some way, then use them to modulate carriers for retransmission at the downlink frequencies, possibly with a different format Regenerative repeaters are complex are often feature in the designs of future, advanced satellite systems
That serves to regenerate
formed or created again: restored to a better, higher, or more worthy state
Of or pertaining to regeneration; tending to regenerate; as, regenerative influences
Regenerative drives, often used interchangeably with four quadrant drives, applies to the regeneration of energy from the motor and drive, back to the power source A motor generates when the load forces the motor to go faster than the drive has set Four quadrant drives can prevent motors from over speeding A four quadrant drive is regenerative when it puts the generated energy back into the source, like a battery or the AC line Also, the energy could be dumped across a dynamic brake resistor or a dump resistor, as is the case in a non-regenerative, four quadrant drive
{s} re-creating, bringing back into existence; renewing, restoring to good condition; reviving, causing to be reborn
Regenerative powers or processes cause something to heal or become active again after it has been damaged or inactive. the regenerative power of nature
regenerative medicine
Medicine that replaces or regenerates human cells, tissue or organs, to restore or establish normal function