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İngilizce - İngilizce
the mutual exchange of rights, privileges or obligations between nations
a relation of mutual dependence or action or influence
the characteristic of being reciprocal, e.g. of a relationship between people
the responses of individuals to the actions of others
a reciprocal relationship
equal mutual rights and benefits granted and enjoyed
An exchange of rights, benefits, commitments, or obligations
{n} a mutual return
Mutual action and reaction
One of the three principles of exchange; governs exchange between social equals; major exchange mode in band and tribal societies
This term refers to the new obligations introduced by the European Directive on natural gas At the international level, the concept of reciprocity entails the adoption of measures on the part of any country regarding foreign operators to be reciprocated by analogous measures in the home country of the foreign operator to which such measures apply According to Legislative Decree 164/00 Italian companies are allowed to sell natural gas to eligible customers from other EU member countries only if such customers are defined eligible in Italy too This constraint is applied reciprocally to companies from other European countries or companies located in Italy but controlled by companies from other European countries
Assurance that if and when their markets are no longer protected, utilities are allowed to compete in the markets of their competitors
The practice of offering trade concessions, such as tariff reductions, by one country in return for similar concessions by other countries Reciprocal agreements help countries to avoid any likely balance-of-payment deficits inherent in unilateral tariff reductions They also have the advantage of being politically feasible, since the trade concessions can be billed by the government as being more advantageous to its country's interests than to those of the other country
For practical purposes (although not universally the case) antennas transmit and receive signals with the same directivity pattern (gain)
An agreement with another state whereby licensed attorneys and real estate brokers may legally conduct business in more than one state in exchange for the same privilege
A reinsurance arrangement in which certain insurers and reinsurers agree to cede business to each other and assume risk from each other
The reduction of one country's import tariffs or other trade restraints in return for comparable trade concessions from another country
means the participation of a U S citizen in an educational and cultural program in a foreign country in exchange for the participation of a foreign national in the Exchange Visitor Program Reciprocity does not require a one-for-one exchange or that exchange visitors be engaged in the same activity For example, exchange visitors coming to the U S for training in American banking practices and Americans going abroad to teach foreign nationals public administration would be considered a reciprocal exchange, when arranged or facilitated by the same sponsor
{i} mutuality, state of being reciprocal, state of being common or shared
An arrangement unique to business-to-business marketing in which two organisations agree to buy from each other p 145
reciprocal behaviour of a system The conditions for matching a transmitter to the antenna are the same as those matching the antenna to a transmitter A well matched system will exhibit better receive characteristics than a mismatched one
A mutual exchange of reinsurance between two or more companies
A feature of the HUD Code, meaning that it is applicable in each state A HUD Code manufactured home built in Tennessee, for example, may be freely shipped to and installed at a homesite in Ohio And similarly, a home built in Ohio can be placed on land in any other state
Most films are designed to be exposed within a certain range of exposure times-usually between 1/15 second to 1/1000 second When exposure times fall outside of this range-becoming either significantly longer or shorter-a film's characteristics may change Loss of effective film speed, contrast changes, and (with color films) color shifts are the three common results These changes are called reciprocity effect
Reciprocity is the exchange of something between people or groups of people when each person or group gives or allows something to the other. They gave assurances they would press for reciprocity with Greece in the issuing of visas. a situation in which two people, groups, or countries give each other similar kinds of help or special rights. In international trade, the granting of mutual concessions on tariffs, quotas, or other commercial restrictions. Reciprocity implies that these concessions are neither intended nor expected to be generalized to other countries with which the contracting parties have commercial treaties. Reciprocity agreements may be made between individual countries or groups of countries. Membership in the World Trade Organization to some extent precludes the signing of reciprocity treaties because WTO nations are obliged to grant most-favored-nation treatment to all other members
The right of an enrollee in a health plan who is temporarily away from home to receive necessary medical care under the arrangements of a health plan in the area in which the enrollee receives medical care
mutual exchange of commercial or other privileges
Reciprocal advantages, obligations, or rights; reciprocation
A relationship in which one state grants certain privileges to other states on the condition that they grant the same privileges
the custom of exchanging diplomatic envoys of equal rank though it is not a rule of international law; any arrangement involving mutually agreed exchange between two or more countries
Mutual agreement between card companies for the initialising of card types such as American Express and Diners, onto PDQ terminals
The reciprocal granting of rights and/or privileges to vehicles properly registered under the IRP and to vehicles not so registered if such vehicles are subject to separate reciprocity agreements, arrangements, declarations or understandings
In dealings between two companies, the tying of one transaction to another "I'll buy from you IF you will buy from me " In domestic transactions, reciprocity is usually illegal In international transactions, not only is it not illegal, governments as counter-trade often practices it, which is basically international reciprocity
An agreement whereby a person or organisation buys a product if the person or organisation selling the product also buys a product from the first party
The giving and receiving of communication between two or more people Back to Previous Page
The practice by which governments extend similar concessions to each other
reciprocity principle
any scientific principle that expresses various reciprocal relationships for the behaviour of a physical system
ethic of reciprocity
An alternative name for the golden rule used by philosophers
quadratic reciprocity
Mathematical theorem relating the Jacobi symbol \left({a \over b}\right) to the inverted \left({b \over a}\right), essentially relating the question of whether a is a square modulo b to the opposite question of whether b is a square modulo a (or modulo the prime factors)



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